200 hour yoga teacher training in rishikesh india|RYS

Date: 24-Jul-17 to 19-Aug-17
Location: Rishikesh Yog sansthan / India
Category: Science Conferences & Trade Fairs

The basics of the modern science of human body and nature are to be learned in this course. The actual way of practicing Pranayama for different diseases makes the difference with the modern medicine in treating the diseases. The missing component of "World Health Organization (WHO)" in the present modern medical system that is spiritual health is covered up in our 200 hour yoga therapy course. Using the concept of sound for the diseases is also one of the natural techniques the students learn in this program. The differences of sound and its natural way of production through chanting Sanskrit mantras and shlokas is the uniqueness of this program. Learning few or more Sanskrit words activates the nerve cells and removes the obstacles at subconscious mind. The exact way of using the sound is the clue for reducing the thoughts and gaining the health. The Sattvic food habits throughout the program make the sattvic personality that is balanced personality. With all these basic knowledge, the 200 hour program in Rishikesh Yog Sansthan proves that the Yoga is the way for the peaceful mind and overall health.

The location of the school allows you to see the Sun during morning & evening practice makes the bio-energy effortlessly and helps in spiritual growth according toYajur veda-Sandhya vandanam). Matha or the school allow you to live alone in a small room which is free from disturbances of pollution and ordinary people. Lonely life helps in self realization. Avoiding disturbance of fir, water, and rocks at a bow length helps in maintaining the gained energy from the practices. This allows the undisturbed yogic life according to Hatha Yoga Pradipika-12. Matha is not be too high, too low or too long and is free from insects. Such small spacious life will allow the person to preserve the physical energy and spend towards spiritual journey according to Hatha Yoga Pradipika -13.


Amaravati yoga teacher

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