The 6th International Conference and Exhibition on Probiotics, Functional a

Date: 02-Oct-17 to 03-Oct-17
Location: Hilton London Docklands Riverside 265 Rotherhithe St, London / London / United Kingdom
Category: Conferences & Trade Fairs

Probiotics 2017 highlights the theme “Probiotics from Research to Market: An Innovative Approach for Healthy Microbiota and Immune System” covering the future advancements in the field of Probiotics, Prebiotics, Nutrition and Food technology. Probiotics 2017 will be a landmark event for the establishment of collaborations and direct knowledge distribution amongst scientists, researchers, academicians, educators, professionals, practitioners, nutritionists, dietitians, health professionals, sports nutritionists, physicians and students to exchange ideas, develop networks and get acknowledged about the latest research developments from the eminent figures working in the field of probiotics and to help discover the gaps still lying in the research field thereby providing a greater scope towards a better future with even better technologies and therapies for healing human health.

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