Step to the Top. Are You Board-Ready?

Date: 07-Nov-17 to 07-Nov-17
Location: Burges Salmon LLP / Bristol / United Kingdom
Category: Education

Are you ready and willing to take the step to the board room? People often find themselves presented with the opportunity to become a board director on the basis of either being good at something else (e.g. perhaps at being a senior manager, an accountant or an engineer) or even by accident! Yet understanding what it means to be board-ready is essential to being a capable director.

The workshop is delivered by experienced board directors who, drawing on their personal experiences, can offer a practical insight into life as a board member of both large and small organisations. It will also signpost areas where you can get further support and training to help you make the leap to the step to the board room and develop the confidence to be a highly effective board member.

We will explore the personal characteristics and traits that you will need to develop in order to be an effective board member – delving into the critical differences between the role of the senior manager and the role of the director.

By the time you have completed the session, you will be able to:

1.Assess, with a clear understanding of the role, whether you are ready and/or willing to meet the challenge of becoming a board director.

2.Identify the gaps in your knowledge and expertise, and understand how you need to develop in order to become a confident and effective director.

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