Points of Juncture - An Exhibition by Cos Ahmet

Some of his works are embodiments, in the form of casts of his body. Other times, there is an absence of the body, and is either implied or related to a specific space.

Recurring themes of self, identity, gender and memory are pervasive features in much of his work, displayed as a complex set of body dialogues.

Shaped by his use of metaphors, the body has become symbolised through various interlinks, where body and material respond and react with each other.

This becomes apparent from the varied processes and characteristics of his practice, that range from woven tapestry, works on paper, to sculpture and objects, as he makes loose connections of their attributes, to represent the body.

This exhibition combines existing works, with newly commissioned pieces exploring these notions of body and material, taking their inspiration from the textile connections upon which Forty Hall was built, delving into the layers of dialogue to create a ‘material identity’.

Ahmet examines this through his unique approach to making, by using traditional and practical methods of weaving, and combining the other disciplines in his practice to turn this quiet and meditative medium into challenging and thought provoking works.

Exhibition is only open Thursday - Sunday every week.


Cos Ahmet

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