Recruitment: Measure Twice, Cut Once!

Date: 01-Aug-17 to 01-Aug-17
Location: Culloden Estate and Spa / United Kingdom
Category: Banking, Finance & Investment Conferences & Trade Fairs

As business owners you have a natural urge to expand and grow in your market. To achieve growth, one of the natural paths is increase your work force. A huge drawback in this element of growth is faith, and trust in your new employees.

 How can we ensure that the person we hire for our business is right for us, and our business going forward?

Do we try to recruit ourselves? After all, who knows our business better than us? 

Do we trust a professional recruiter?

How can we, with all the bad press this industry attracts?

Do we place blind faith in someone else to recommend someone?

The guest speaker for this event is Brendan Murphy Director with SalesNet Recruitment. During this discussion, Brendan will help you understand how to recruit in a manner that really should take away some of the uncertainty from the task.

Based in Northern Ireland, Brendan has spent the last few years helping businesses of all sizes increase their workforce. Hailing from Cork City, Brendan spent 10 years as a Corporate/Public Sector Account manager for a Fortune 500 Company.  Brendan is a Sales Trainer, Business Mentor and Headhunter.  Although Brendan specialises in Sales recruitment, he has helped recruit managers, directors, admin staff, accountants, and a wide variety of professions.

The BFN Protect | Save | Grow | Reward events will also give you the opportunity to meet up with like-minded business owners in an informal and relaxed environment.

5.30 pm Meet Up
6.00 pm BFN Welcome             6.15 pm Speaker                    
7.10 pm Tie Up      

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Brendan Murphy

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