Measuring & Improving Quality in Learning & Teaching Sydney September 2017

Date: 26-Sep-17 to 27-Sep-17
Location: Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel Sydney / Sydney / Australia
Category: Education Conferences & Trade Fairs

Providing an exceptionally high quality educational experience remains the key to success at a time in which universities are facing rising competition and external pressure. Institutions are collecting vast amounts of data ranging from outcomes to attrition. This presents exciting opportunities to enhance quality for those able to effectively measure, interpret - and most importantly implement the needed changes.

While the ability to extract increasingly nuanced meaning from the data continues to improve, the challenge now is how to effectively translate these findings into meaningful improvements in the quality of learning and teaching.

The 'Measuring & Improving Quality in Learning & Teaching' conference will explore how to:
- Develop, implement & embed support structures to enable sustainable change
- Understand the opportunities & limitations of learning analytics
- Align your fundamental teaching practices with institutional vision
- Evaluate and effectively respond to data based insight
- Achieve stakeholder buy in & engagement
- Manage the ethical risks & responsibilities of data practice

Who will attend?
Senior representative from higher education with titles of:
- DVC/PVC Academic/ Education
- Associate Dean of Learning & Teaching
- Head of School/ Course Coordinator
- Director of Learning & Teaching
- Quality Assurance & Risk
- Learning Analytics
- Survey & Evaluation


Shirley Alexander, Michael Tomlinson, Shelley Kinash, Nicholas Klomp

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