Google Adwords PPC Training - Cardiff

Date: 04-Oct-17 to 04-Oct-17
Location: The Royal Hotel Cardiff / Cardiff / United Kingdom
Category: Education

Google Adwords are a great way to increase the visibility of your website in Google – and drive targeted traffic and customers to it. The Adwords market is becoming increasingly competitive and you need to create an effective strategy – otherwise you will be spending your money and not getting enough return.

This jargon free Adwords course shows you how to create successful search campaigns, explore best practice tools and techniques and learn how you can get the most out of Google Adwords. This workshop is tailored to suit your individual business, so expect to go away with a Google Adwords implementation plan for your business.   

Who is this workshop suited to?
Digital Marketers, Directors, Managers

This workshop covers:    

How Adwords Pay per Click (PPC) works

Understanding Quality Score, how improving quality can lower your PPC & Return On Investment (ROI)

Dynamic Adwords best practices

Adwords Retargeting best practices

Setting appropriate objectives and goals for your Adwords Campaigns

Set Key Performance Indicators will measure performance

How to Identify the profitable keyword phrases

Tools available to for your research

How to increase click-through rates (CTRs) and lower cost

How to take advantage of Long Tail Keywords

How relevant landing pages can boost conversion rates

Exploring bid strategy & selecting the right bidding strategy for your campaign

How to integrate your PPC activity in with Google Analytics or other analytics solutions  

Just a few of the fantastic organisations who've attended our previous training     


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