Email Marketing & Mailchimp Training - Cardiff

Date: 05-Oct-17 to 05-Oct-17
Location: The Royal Hotel Cardiff / Cardiff / United Kingdom
Category: Education

With everyone getting distracted by Facebook pages, tweeting and a host of other social media platforms, it can be easy to forget email marketing or to dismiss it as being outdated. The trouble is – you’d be wrong.

Email marketing is a cost effective way of keeping in touch with existing or previous customers, as well as potential new ones. If used correctly, a targeted list of email addresses is one of the most powerful marketing tools in your business, helping drive traffic to your website and increase brand awareness.
During this session we will also look closely at “mailchimp”, forever free email marketing tool. You will find this workshop equally useful if you are using any other platform.

This practical workshop aiming to walk you from from the basics of email marketing to creating email marketing strategy and productive email marketing campaigns for your business. 

Who should attend ?
Marketing Professionals, Directors

What will you learn?
Creating Email Marketing strategy
Understanding the value of an email address
Calculating the lifetime value of a customer
Lifecycle marketing - triggers and behavioral targeting, content and contact strategy
Growing your email list
Designing mobile responsive email campaigns without any coding
A/B Testing and optimising your email campaigns
Integrating email with social media campaigns
Measuring email marketing effectiveness with Google Analytics
Using Your own data to find best practices

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