Making your culture work hard for you, and how to know when it isn’t

Date: 12-Oct-17 to 12-Oct-17
Location: Atmosphere c/o / London / United Kingdom
Category: Culture, Society & Lifestyle

The foundations of organisational culture are its mission and your values. Like strategy, as organisations grow and evolve their culture changes. But unlike strategy, changes in culture often happen without conscious decision and direction, it just evolves. Without careful attention, the question of whether your culture supports the growth of your business is left to chance. Do you want to leave something that eats strategy for breakfast, to chance?

In this interactive, example-led session, you will learn:

- A framework for codifying and harnessing your culture
- The signs that your culture is going off track
- How to refocus it
- How to make your culture work hard
- This session will be led by David Willans.

David has spent over 15 years working with organisations on changing their cultures and behaviour to stay healthy and growing. He’s shaped staff behaviour across BUPA, defined O2’s business purpose, codified TripAdvisor’s culture and helped a number of venture-backed start-ups create cultures that underpin their success. Previously he’s sat on a UN Taskforce and been a judge of the D&AD creative awards.

Read David’s recent posts on organisational culture via LinkedIn

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