Investment Management Academy

Date: 04-Dec-17 to 14-Dec-17
Location: Hotel in Central London / London / United Kingdom
Category: Banking, Finance & Investment Conferences & Trade Fairs

This nine day programme will give you the skills to increase your returns whilst reducing risk and retaining investors. The course makes regular use of group exercises, structured study and investment simulations. Upon completion, you will be ready to immediately apply the course teachings to real-world investment activities.

The Investment Management Academy will also give you the opportunity to network with industry peers worldwide.

After attending this course you will be able to:
• Devise asset allocation strategies for a post-credit crunch environment
• Alpha analysis and information ratios in theory and practice
• Learn and apply the principles of Post-modern portfolio theory
• Construct superior equity portfolios using behavioural finance theory
• Reassess hedge fund investing in light of recent events
• Learn how to implement portable alpha strategies via practical applications
• Assess the opportunities offered by emerging alternative assets
• Develop frameworks to accommodate real and tangible assets in portfolios

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