FIPP World Congress

Bringing together the cream of the world’s multi-platform media industry for two full days of sessions covering the very latest trends, developments and innovations in media, the Congress will provide you with a unique opportunity to find the solution to your business’s needs and new opportunities to grow.

Set in the historic quarter of London’s Tobacco Dock, the event also provides a perfect setting to network and build relationships. With hundreds of delegates and a large-scale exhibition, the FIPP World Congress is an unrivalled global multi-platform media event.

Here are 4 more reasons to attend:

1. Speakers and stories from around the world:
The FIPP Congress is your chance to hear and engage with the people who are shaping the media industry today and tomorrow. It will boast a superb line up of media, marketing and technology influencers from around the world. Sometimes the best stories and emerging business models come from surprising sources. The FIPP Congress brings you speakers from various markets who are creating exciting new business models in sometimes challenging conditions.

2. Excellent networking opportunities: It isn't just the speakers who will inspire you - your fellow delegates will too. Every registered delegate gets access to their own personal online diary enabling them to pre-arrange meetings with delegates and speakers. There is plenty of opportunity for informal networking too, at the opening Medieval Banquet on Monday 9 October and Expo drinks on the evening of day one, plus the chance to attend the FIPP/PPA Global Innovation Awards.

3. Explore new partnership opportunities at the Congress Marketplace. The Congress Marketplace combines the vibrant ambience of the London street market with a place to do real business. Visit the shoe shiners, the barbers and of course the traditional London pub and enjoy the showcase of market stalls offering you the latest in innovation and technology.

4. To do business!


Jerzy Baczynski, James Tye, Mike Hewitt, Walter Longo, David Davies, Larry Sommers, Philipp Schmidt, Tom Bureau, Natasha Christie Miller, Peter Kreisky, Arnaud de Saint Simon, Tim Hudson, Rick Welch, Marcus Rich, Andria Vidler, Lucy Küng, Matt Sanchez, Michael Brunt, Geoff Ramsey, Piotr Zmelonek, Kathleen Saxton, Steven Flynn, Kate Ward, Jovan Protic, Julian Childs, Kerin O’Connor, Yulia Boyle, Gerrit Klein, Jeff Litvack, Genevieve Kunst, Marion Mertens, Ellen Mayer, Michael Wodzinski, Anne-Marie Tomchak, Kalli Purie, Joanna Abeyie, Jo Brandl, Nick Ascheim, Antonella Mei-Pochtler, Wolfgang Blau, Hans Hamer, Chris Kerwin, Andreas Finborud, Juan Señor, John Wilpers, Julia Jäkel, Juan Señor, Ross Sleight, Josh Macht, Nick Blunden, Jacquie Loch, James Wildman, Lisa Messenger, Christian Kallenberg, Johnny Ryan, Carla Faria, Kamakshi Sivaramakrishnan, Alice Zimmerman, Greg Cornelius, Greg Ivanov, Jesper Laursen, Yolanda Ausín, Linda Thomas Brooks, Sue Todd, Francesco Marconi, Martha Stone, Stephan Scherzer, Angela Buyn, Mike Federle, Deepak Lamba, Linda Thomas Brooks, Shadi Rahini, Paula Cordeiro, Jenny Tsai, Erin Doherty, Mark Frith, Gina Johnson, Barry McIlheney, Han Xindong, Megan Murphy, Ma-li Yang

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