Nigeria Gold Tour 2017

Date: 22-Jul-17 to 22-Jul-17
Location: Newton Park Hotels & Resort / Abuja / Nigeria
Category: Education

For the 3rd year in a row we are presenting the Investment and Gold Business opportunity in  Nigeria again. 
This event is meant ONLY for entrepreneures and individuals who desire a legitimate means of additional  income  willing to build a Career with our Online Gold Shop 
NIGERIA Gold Tour 2017 is special  because we are not only making  the business presentations for Capacity building of future leaders, we are  also celebrating our successful  leaders in Nigeria  and  showing our Nigerian teams how to acheive  outstanding success in this GIG business. 
Our Company  Global Intergold  is sending  our Global  leader  to share and teach us how to secure financial  security with Gold . Having a team of over  2.6 million  people, this  intensive training on Capacity building is coming from  personal and practical experiences of our outstanding and resourceful personalities in the industry.
No theories or motivational  speeches here , it is all going to be about verifiable  facts  and figures with great revelations of how to achieve them!!!
A TOKEN FEE of #2000 :00 (Two Thousand Naira) is charged for attendance and course materials which will be provided at all the 4 venues - Abuja, Port Harcourt, Lagos and Ibadan. This token attendance fee is payable to the Nigeria bank account  below:

Olawumi Oluwaseun Emmanuel : 3101996869 First bank of Nigeria.

The Nigerian Gold Tour 2017  is aimed at producing leaders and entrepreneurs  to take front lead positions in the industry.
Our 7th Annual Global Convention and International  Gold Exhibition  comes up on 3-4  November  2017 in Munich Germany. 
This event is only meant for  people who are ready to take their Gold business to the next level of success and note that you cannot participate unless you are a registered investor in the company! Make sure you pay and attend any of the four Nigerian Gold Tour events to secure this golden opportunity.


Oleg Ulyanov, Kike Johansson

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