Unconditional Clarity workshop for women entrepreneurs- August 20. London.

Date: 20-Aug-17 to 20-Aug-17
Location: WeWork Spitalfields / London / United Kingdom
Category: Education

A Transformational workshop for women entrepreneur

Do you secretly wonder if you will ever have the lifestyle and business you truly desire?

Do you feel uninspired at times?

Do you feel confused how to pick a unique path that works for you?

Do you want to know how to uncover hidden desires and how to attract everything you desire?

Do you want to wake up feeling inspired?

At this event, I am going to give you workshop on emotional freedom.
It doesn’t matter if you are in a relationship or not

I will also cover:

Learn lifelong-skill technique (meditation, journaling, EFT, and other mindset tools) to regain control of your own mind

Top tips on how to uncover hidden desires and create your own reality

Reveal and transform the unconscious limiting beliefs around money and love that have been handed down consciously and unconsciously from generation to generation

** You will also LEARN my objective and practical methods in removing love blocks.**:
* Self-healing and Manifestation Lesson a 4th-generational healer
* Network & connect with awesome attendees
Tickets are Limited due to space, so book today to avoid disappointment as they are SELLING OUT FAST!
You brilliant being, have done a lot of personal development work already.
You read the books, you watched the videos and attended multiple seminars.
The only problem is, you cognitively understand that you need to believe in yourself and that you are beautiful, smart, dedicated and sexy. But methods you have tried are no longer working, affirmation, compliments other people give you only make you feel like a fraud, you want to feel more peaceful with you. And frankly, you just feel a bit confused.
Not brand new perplexed, thank God, but just slightly confused about how to own the feminine power of who you are. Are you ready to say Yes to you and your business?

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