Future of Immersive Leisure

Date: 13-Sep-17 to 14-Sep-17
Location: Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino / Las Vegas / United States
Category: Conferences & Trade Fairs

Future of Immersive Leisure 2017 is the first conference & expo designed to give a holistic, expansive view of the immersive technologies that will radically transform out-of-home entertainment. The event is aimed at facilitating understanding of the business opportunities and constraints of immersive technology (virtual reality, augmented reality, 4D), as well as critical connection building and networking opportunities among attraction owners, technology innovators, investors, and more.


Douglas Trumbull, Kevin Bachus, Ralph Barbagallo, Philippe Bergeron, Markus Beyr, Yuval Boger, Daniel Boockvar, Bjorn Book-Larsson, Kevin Boutte, Keith Carr, McKay Christensen, Tony Christopher, Bob Cooney, Andrew Darrow, Christian Dieckmann, Clark Dodsworth, Conrad Granito, Doug Griffin, Erik Guthrie, Wendy Heimann-Nunes, Nathan Huber, Dan Jamele, Ali Khan, Jakob Kudsk Steensen, Michael LaFleur, Lenny Larsen, Jake Lee-High, Alexis Macklin, David Marlett, Shawn McCoy, Vernon McGugan, Bruce Merati, Dana Mott, Trevor Nelson, Luke Noonan, Dena Nord, Greg Passmore, Susan Poulton, Daniel Prado, Andrew Prell, Phil Reyneri, Matthias Sala, Frank Seninsky, Alexandre Simionescu, Alan Smithson. Christopher Stapleton, Jim Stewartson, Chanel Summers, Matt Szymczyk, Chuck Taylor, Kevin Vitale, Kevin Williams

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