Conquering New Markets: Selling Art Online

Date: 24-Sep-17 to 24-Sep-17
Location: PROUD EAST / London / United Kingdom
Category: Arts, Antiques & Crafts

Rise Art X London Sketchbook Festival: Talk + Q&A

The ever-growing art market is also ever-evolving. We're seeing changes in how art is sold, what kind of art is bought, the reasons people buy, and who buys. As it stands, online art sales are at a record high. The digital marketplace offers emerging artists the opportunity to broaden their collector base and establish themselves as professional artists. Our Rise Art curators are here to introduce you to the exciting world of art online and to guide you through selling successfully on digital platforms.

This event is perfect for meeting like-minded people and building future collaborations. So join us for free afternoon drinks, insights into the online art market and intriguing conversation. 

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Rise Art

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