11th Digital Pharma East

Date: 03-Oct-17 to 06-Oct-17
Location: Pennsylvania Convention Center / Philadelphia / United States
Category: Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals Conferences & Trade Fairs

Join more than 800 attendees for the largest event focused exclusively on digital marketing for the life sciences — Digital Pharma East — now in it's eleventh year. Get actionable insights from our faculty of more than 120 senior-level experts when the conference returns to Philadelphia this October 3-6 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

There have been substantial alterations in the way that the digital health landscape has transitioned within the last year. These changes also bring some exciting potential solutions on the horizon, but there are still many questions being asked and we’re looking to explore some of those in 2017:

How will digital disruption transform the pharma business model?

How can pharma generate value from digital medicine solutions?

How can pharma engage with disruptive technologies?

How can we demonstrate the value of digital for pharma products?

How will pharma adapt to successfully engage HCPs?

We will explore these questions and more. Reserve your seat for the 11th Digital Pharma East conference to join the conversation and contribute to the advancement of digital health to improve patient outcomes customer centricity!

We look forward to seeing you in Philadelphia this October! To learn more about the event, and to reserve your seat, be sure to visit digitalpharmaseries.com/east.


Elena Alikhachkina, Jeff Arnold, Fred Bennett, Jasper Beard, Javier Boix, Ashley Boelens, Glenn Butcher, Christophe Bureau, Dr. Kevin Campbell, Fabrizio Caranci, Omar Chane, Uteng Cheang, Bob Chib, Carolyn Chu, Bryan Cohen, Michele Crouthamel, Nuvan Dassanaike, Jim DeLash, Mike Della Porta, Ashik Desai, Bill Drummy, Zoe Dunn, Deborah A. Fisher M.D., John Gallo, Dan Gandor, Robert Gargiulo, Shwen Gwee, David Hegarty, Lance Hill, Elizabeth Hoff, Jack Hogan, Peter Justason, Joseph Kim, Robin Kamen, Dawn Lacallade, Dr. Joshua Landy, Alvin Lin, Eric Lin, Anthony Luttenberger, Mike Marett, Kelly McKee, Gulden Mesara, Jon Michaeli, Nicole Mowad-Nassar, Scott Nesbitt, John Nosta, Jim O’Donoghue, Elaine O’Hara, Joshua Palau, Kyle Patel, Ritesh Patel, Eric Peacock, Quang Pham, Amit Pherwani, Amanda Phraner, Erik Poole, Sai Punjabi, Jeff Rasp, Alison Reichert, Meredith Ressi, Meghan Rivera, Ilana Robbins, Dr. Jonathan Roberts, Glenn Roginski, Jeff Rohwer, Nicole Rojas, Jamie Rosati, Michael Rowbotham, Rob Royea, Linda Ruschau, Dr. Sheila Sahni, Giada Saltari, Brent Scholz, Dr. Theodore Search, Daniel Seewald, Isabel Silva, Ramiro Souto, Dan Stein, Robert Stevens, Bharat Tewarie, Mackenzie Viola, David Weingard, Tracy Yedlin

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