Technology Innovation Breakfast - Brisbane

About the event.
What you will hear and learn:
- Use case experience from one of the largest banks in the Middle East deploying a modern e-Learning system for employee engagement
- Why video in learning, corporate communications and collaboration is a vital tool for your business
- How organisations can evolve their corporate learning and development strategy

In today’s turbulent and rapidly-changing business environment, organisations have a continuous need to train and develop their employees on new processes, technologies, and soft skills. Having to deliver continued learning and develop a highly skilled workforce has its challenges, it is crucial for organisations to provide training in a scalable, easy, cost effective and engaging way - anytime and anywhere.

E-Learning methodology aligns with modern learners expectations. It is available on-demand, 24/7 for your employees. It’s easy to update, provides consistency and engages users with interactive exercises, videos, and visuals. However, traditional corporate LMS’s are limited to basic classroom management & record keeping, SCORM programs and limited video capability. They’re difficult to use, clunky and provide a poor user experience.
Hear from our speakers, Mohammed H. Alattas from Arab National Bank, Eylon Cohen from Kaltura, and Tom Holz from Blackboard International about employee engagement, video technology innovation, and corporate learning and training in today's digital workforce.

Following the presentations, there will be a live technology demonstration of Blackboard's learning and training solutions. Experience first hand how you could use a modern integrated learning eco-system in your organisation.


Who should attend.
Executives, Directors, and Manager from:
- Learning and Development
- Technology and Innovation teams
- Human Resources, Organisational Development, and Talent Management

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