Certificate In HR Audit

Date: 13-Aug-17 to 17-Aug-17
Location: Kempinski Hotel, Mall of the Emirates / Dubai / United Arab Emirates
Category: Education

It is vitally important for HR to keep pace with the demands of dynamic business environments and legal frameworks. Unfortunately many HR functions have evolved without being fully aware of these demands, and are either totally reactive or are driven by their specialist outlook, not taking into consideration the imperative of supporting the organisation, its business and its strategies. The HR audit is used to highlight areas of weakness, areas that can be improved and even areas where there are no policies or procedures.

Employment law is also an ever-changing field and, to avoid costly litigation, your policies, procedures and processes must reflect the law. The HR audit is an essential preventative strategy to ensure you remain legally compliant.

Who Should Attend
This course has been designed for all HR professionals with an interest in improving HR performance. It is an essential course for HR department heads, HR generalists and specialists in resourcing, compensation and benefits, payroll, training, personnel, talent management and employee services. Organisational development specialists will also benefit from attending this course.

Benefits Of Attending
- Ensure that your policies and procedures meet business needs and minimise potential exposure
- Implement cutting-edge processes to ensure the complete legal compliance of your HR function
- Ensure your HR function is a true strategic partner by providing the management with compelling HR data
- Improve the quality of your reporting by collecting and extracting critical HR information
- Measure the effectiveness of your organisation’s procedures and how they impact your bottom line

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