The Project Management Office (PMO)

Date: 13-Aug-17 to 16-Aug-17
Location: The Address Dubai Marina / Dubai / United Arab Emirates
Category: Education

This course focuses on preventing and/or minimising reputational damage caused from a crisis by providing you with a complete understanding of the levels of crises, the potential damage to the organisation, how to develop a crisis communication action plan, with all the templates provided.

You will have the opportunity to participate in a number of workshops; view DVDs, review case studies and start completing your crisis communication action plan for your organisation.

Who Should Attend
- This course is aimed at all industries and is a MUST-ATTEND for all in communications – Corporate communication directors, communication managers and all communication team members
- It would also be beneficial for the Human Resource Managers and Directors to attend this programme to understand what is addressed during a crisis and the role that HR is required to play by providing relevant and immediate information on employees that may be affected
- Crises sometimes affect the premises, or the various locations that an organisation is situated in. For this reason it is beneficial for the key members of the security team to attend the course to understand the type of information required for communication – Heads and Managers of security teams.

Benefits Of Attending
- Increase your knowledge and develop your skills to anticipate, prepare, analyse, manage and respond to a crisis
- Develop a crisis communication plan, with appropriate messaging for the relevant time during the crisis
- Determine the requirements of, and set up a crisis communication nerve centre
- Identify a crisis team and determine their roles and responsibilities
- Identify stakeholders and establish a matrix
- Be able to review post-crises communication and determine an effective way forward

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