Building Enterprise Applications That People Actually Want to Use

Date: 15-Nov-17 to 15-Nov-17
Location: Atmosphere c/o / London / United Kingdom
Category: Education

A lot of businesses consider launching their own digital products. With a great idea and an in house IT team it seems like the obvious thing to do.

But the truth is that most digital products are not successful. Only a small fraction hit their targets and most end up as expensive exercises in vanity. Time and again, companies rack up huge bills with agencies to build beautiful applications that no one uses.

For business to be really successful with their digital products it’s not enough to just build and launch. They need to learn to become ‘digital product businesses’ in themselves, ready to support the product through the lifecycle and beyond.

In this session we’ll explore

- How to decide if it’s really worth investing in a custom digital product
- Why just ‘hiring an agency’ is normally the worst thing you can do
- Why most digital product launches fail
- How to turn your business into a ‘digital product business’
- How to find the right team to deliver your product
- The concept of minimum viable product and how to find the right balance between minimum and viable
- How to find the right traction channels to grow
- How to get to product market fit, and what to do when you can’t
- This session is for any executive who’s thinking of investing in a custom digital product.

Your facilitator, Tim Bichara is an entrepreneur, technology and digital product consultant with 20 years experience. He was previously managing partner of award winning mobile agency Nimble Mobile, and Chief Product Officer of venture backed mobile start up Q App (acquired by Yoyo Wallet in 2016).


Tim Bichara

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