IFRS - International Financial Reporting Standards

Date: 17-Dec-17 to 20-Dec-17
Location: Conrad Hotel / Dubai / United Arab Emirates
Category: Education

IFRS are well established as the global accounting standards for all business sectors. IFRS are being implemented in every industry and organisation. The challenge is to keep updated with the changes and new standards that are being released on a regular basis. Therefore, learning to apply these standards properly is no more a luxury but a necessity for every accountant, auditor, financial analyst and financial professional.

The correct adoption of IFRS promises organisations many benefits, including enhanced investor confidence, greater consistency and transparency of financial reporting, as well as the ability to compare financial information from companies around the world. This course will ensure you are fully aware of all the recent developments in international accounting, by offering complete information on how to successfully implement IFRS in your organisation.

Benefits Of Attending

- The latest developments in the growing worldwide use of IFRS
- Up-to-date IFRS Exposure Drafts (EDs), Discussion Papers (DPs) and annual improvement projects
- Detailed practical examples on the implementation and application of accounting and financial reporting concepts
- Real-world challenges to applying IFRS, and strategies to overcome them

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