How to rise to the challenge of digital disruption

Date: 07-Mar-18 to 07-Mar-18
Location: Atmosphere c/o / London / United Kingdom
Category: Education

Under threat, unsure, left behind? How to rise to the challenge of digital disruption.

Join us for an interactive and engaging session that will set you in a better position for meeting the challenge of disruption.


- Broker a rich conversation around disruption
- Challenge your current thinking in a constructive way
- Create the space for you to reflect and review your existing approach
- Inspire you to seize a future for your business that leverages disruption, not hides from it


- Fleet of foot; lessons from the disruptors making waves today
- Models for mapping your competitive and comparative landscape
- Understanding the ‘why’ for Digital Transformation
- Why innovation should be expected as an outcome of your transformational journey
- Building a business centred on digitally enabled innovation

Throughout the session, we will be looking at examples from the wider market, sharing best practice, and discussing the implications for your business. This is an engaging and interactive session.


Ben Hart

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