New Threat Vectors for ICS/SCADA Networks

Date: 07-Sep-17 to 07-Sep-17
Location: Home House / London / United Kingdom
Category: Technology Conferences & Trade Fairs

Modernisation initiatives such as Industrie 4.0 and Smart Grids, involve implementing new Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) devices, converging IT and OT networks and supporting Big Data analytics and real-time intelligence.
All these lead to a larger ICS/SCADA attack surface, presenting new cyber-risks, as cyber-attackers seek to disrupt production operations, deploy ransomware, and steal corporate IP using industrial malware and targeted threats.
Designed for both executives and hands-on professionals, during this workshop, you will be able to network with your peers, discuss best practices for protecting OT networks and learn from industry experts about:
How to continuously monitor your OT network for new threats and evaluate the relative risk to your organization from diverse ICS threat actors
Conducting risk and vulnerability assessments with no impact on operations and effectively convey the new threat to your business leaders
Implementing new risk-based controls that move beyond simple patching to include asset discovery, continuous monitoring, and behavioral-based anomaly detection

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