Growth Mindset

Date: 12-Sep-17 to 12-Sep-17
Location: Atmosphere c/o / London / United Kingdom
Category: Education

“It’s not always the people who start out the smartest who end up the smartest,” – Stanford University Professor, Carol Dweck

Growth Mindset has been hailed by educators and business leaders alike as revolutionary. CEO Satya Nadella has hailed Growth Mindset as the physical core to the change he is leading at Microsoft.

But what is it? Do you have it? How do you foster it within your teams?

Join Atmosphere to find out what you can do to close the growth mindset gap in your business today.

The session will cover:

Awareness of Fixed v Growth Mindsets and the resulting day to day implications for your workplace
Tools to employ at both a personal and team level to foster a growth mindset
This pacey and engaging workshop will involve you at every stage of discovery and analysis.

Places are strictly limited.

Your facilitator will be Burke Turner, a Digital Workplace Consultant, passionate about helping organisations unlock latent talent to achieve heightened efficiencies, greater depths of creativity and true agility.

Burke has recently spoken on the future of work at the Interaction Intranet Conference, London 2016.


Burke Turner

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