Date: 19-Aug-17 to 19-Aug-17
Location: Secret Location / London / United Kingdom
Category: Education

The event name 'Break Every Chain', was placed on my heart late last year. Normally, when we go through trials depending on our faith and who we are sometimes we quit because it may seem too hard and impossible and we forget that the same way we begun that task is the same way it too shall come to pass.
Ladies, I want to help and encourage you all to start running in the direction of your purpose. Enough of the mediocrity, we deserve to reach our highest potential.
What to expect:  On Saturday 19th August, this will be an evening of girl talk, relaxed and informal vibes. A place where we can all be transparent, feel safe and unwind. Not just a place for speakers to speak but also where the audience can share. We are a community of sisters and success doesn't happen in isolation but with a village behind it. So bring a sister along on this evening and let's break the chains in our lives which have been crippling our growth and success. You deserve to be happy and become the best version of yourself!
The host and speakers of the evening:
Rachael Sealy is founder of UKafrolista, a platform that celebrates natural hair, beauty, lifestyle and women's empowerment specifically targeted at black women. UKafrolista have been featured in Teen Vogue, Attn, Pride Magazine and BET.

Adobera Ejikeme is a motivational speaker, founder of 'Now Or Never' and creator of the event 'Break Every Chain'.
Breeny Rose Lee is an inspiring Blogger, Vlogger and Digital Influencer
Cassandra Lokko is a budding creative with a unique eye and a Youtube content creator with admirable authenticity.
Khalia Ismain is the founder of Jamii, a discount card for Black British businesses in August 2016. Frustrated by both her own inability to find products that worked for her and the negativity surrounding black-owned businesses, she decided to create


Rachael Sealy, Adobera Ejikeme, Breeny Rose Lee, Cassandra Lokko, Khalia Ismain, Stephanie Banya

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