Wix August Meetup: A Beginner's Guide to Web Design

Date: 15-Aug-17 to 15-Aug-17
Location: Flywheel Cowork / United States
Category: Education

The ins and outs of web design, along with trends. Master the tools to create an incredible website. We’ll share how the right colors, fonts and more can give you a beautiful site that attracts business. In this meetup, we walk you through web design best practices and show examples of some hot trends.Topic to be discussed • Space • Color Counts • Aim to Read (typeface and size) • Keep it Above the Fold • Picture Perfect • Icons and Graphics • Tips & Tricks (mobile, design style, visuals) • Q&ASign up for our Wix Community! Learn how to build professional websites, create high-quality content and develop an online presence - for yourself or for clients. All available to you at www.WixNC.com - the official Wix appointed city and community for NC. 

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