IOSH Working Safely Online Course

Date: 04-Aug-17 to 31-Aug-17
Location: Wise Global Training Ltd / United Kingdom
Category: Education

The IOSH Working Safely eLearning course is designed to get you the results you need and in the shortest time possible.

This is the qualification you need for your CSCS Green Card.

The course is in simple to read and easy to understand interactive presentation format, full of multimedia to keep the course enjoyable too.

What this means for you, as our valued student, is that you have a better chance to pass the exam faster and also to remember the material longer too, than average courses (either classroom or normal eLearning course).

Your online course will enable you to get on with your schedule AND take the course. It’s less expensive too which is nice for those who need to manage their budgets.

100% Pass Rate!
Full tutor support included
Study at your own pace
You can buy now and start within five minutes!

1. Introducing working safely
2. Defining hazard and risk
3. Identifying common hazards
4. Improving safety performance
5. Protecting our environment

Certain industries present more risks than others; therefore, it’s critical for companies under such industries to make certain that all the members of their organisation are thoroughly educated on the policies established by authorities pertaining to workplace health and safety. One method of ensuring this is by requiring workers to undergo IOSH Working Safely Training.

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