Purpose San Diego August 16th Breakfast Club

Date: 16-Aug-17 to 16-Aug-17
Location: UC San Diego Extension / San Diego / United States
Category: Education


We're excited to host our AUGUST San Diego breakfast event on 8.16.17 from 7:30am - 9:15am at UC San Diego!

The focus of each meeting will be on you, the participant.


Purpose San Diego is thrilled to invite you to its August breakfast event on Wednesday, August 16th from 7:30am - 9:15am. The focus of each meeting will be on you, the participant.

Each month our breakfast features a guest presenter who is one of our city's leaders in the purposeful business arena. This speaker facilitates the topic for our morning and sets the tone for the structureed table conversations that our guests have found to be the most meaningful part of our gathering.

Our guest speaker this month will be Michale Radparvar of Holstee, and you won't want to miss this meeting. ...

Michael Radparvar is the co-founder of Holstee, a lifestyle company helping conscious people to live a more meaningful life. Holstee’s journey began in 2009 with the viral popularity of their company Manifesto -- a call to arms around how Michael and his founders defined what it means to live a successful life. The Holstee Manifesto was called the next “Just Do It” by The Washington Post, has been translated into 13 languages. Most recently, Michael and his team developed the Holstee membership inspired by the science of mindfulness, positive psychology, and ancient philosophy to explore how to put the Manifesto into action.


Purpose San Diego is focused on three main initiatives:

-How we bring together those in San Diego who are effecting change
-How we bring more awareness to these people and organizations
-How we help individuals and companies doing good to be more effective in their initiatives.

If you're a purpose driven business leader than Purpose San Diego is the place for you! We look forward to seeing you at our next event!

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