Why Workplace Wellbeing & Mental Resilience? Free Business Breakfast Event

Date: 08-Nov-17 to 08-Nov-17
Location: The Workplace / Manchester / United Kingdom
Category: Education

People are your most important asset and their most important asset is their health and wellbeing – so it makes good business sense for employers to help look after it.

We live and work in a fast-paced, changeable environment and to compete, we need to be as responsive, productive and innovative as possible.

This is why workplace wellbeing and mental resilience is becoming increasingly important for organisations that want to achieve sustainable success and gain the edge.

With strong links to productivity and performance, join us at our free business breakfast to explore workplace wellbeing and mental resilience from a holistic perspective – looking at what it means at an organisational and managerial level as well as for individuals or ‘self’.

Reflecting on what your organisation currently understands workplace health and wellbeing to be, during this interactive session you will explore:

> The business case for improving workplace wellbeing and supporting resilience
> The links to employee engagement and productivity
> What health and wellbeing looks like from an organisational, managerial and individual perspective
> The role of leaders and managers
> Next steps in defining and improving your approach to exceptional health and wellbeing

We believe that a happy, healthy and sustainable culture can help your business to manage change and achieve its ambitions.

The health, wellbeing and resilience of your employees - and in turn whole organisation - play a vital role in this and we hope you can join us to explore why.

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