Lifograph SV Startup Night: w/ cofounders, investors, developers, marketers

Date: 05-Sep-17 to 05-Sep-17
Location: Mindrome / Santa Clara / United States
Category: Education

Join us for Mediterranean food dinner and a fun evening of structured startup networking and business matching, plus many exciting surprises!

This event has been voted "most fun networking event" by our network.

The Emcee is no other than Dea Wilson, whose extensive network of startup founders, investors and other power players in tech earned her the moniker "Ms. Silicon Valley".

Dea is the founder of Lifograph - the Wiki of People - an online networking platform and business matching system for people and companies.

She is also a member of Tech Angels, founder of Silicon Valley Incubator and Executive Director at LifographTV.

80+ attendees expected.

At this event you can find:

- cofounders

- investors

- software developers

- designers

- marketers

- growth hackers

- product managers

- freelancers

- executives

- corporate professionals

- accelerators

- crowdfunding experts

- content writers

- lawyers

- accountants

- valuation experts

- recruiters

- mentors

- advisors

- startup scouts

- and much more

This event is an event organized by Lifograph -The Wiki of People.

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