ARcademy: Lessons in Creating Virtual Reality Content

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality is still in the chicken and the egg stage. The question is for content creators how do you create VR/AR content where it is more than just a novelty? How do you differentiate content for VR made for home use compared to an arcade setting? How do you make VR content that provides better replay value as opposed to a one time experience.
In addition, half the event to actually creating a virtual world through Tilt Brush.  Where everyone will be contributing to creating a VR environment.  This will introduce everyone to a collaborative approach to creating VR content readily and easily.

In addition we will have a presentation about how to create VR for location based properties.
IF you would like to present please message Paul or Amanda directly.
Confirmed Presenters Include:
Bebe from Monster VR

Bebe is the Communications Director for Monster VR.  Bebe will discuss how Monster VR has created experiences like Sweet Escape that are built for multiplayer and out of home entertainment.

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