The Intellectual Property Masterclass

Date: 06-Sep-17 to 06-Sep-17
Location: Space Tank Studio / Australia
Category: Education Technology

Don’t overlook protecting your key assets. Join us in this session where we will take you through the different ways to protect your product IP, whether you have a small or large business. And what better way to illustrate the importance of protecting your IP than through case studies of successes and failures?
What you will learn:

- Why IP is so important
- An overview of IP assets and how to identify which is the best protection for you
- How you can go about protecting these assets
- What you should do before you export or expand overseas

This event will be held at Space Tank Studio, Melbourne’s leading makerspace and product development incubator for hardware startups.

Tickets include a light refreshment and drinks.


Gavin Doherty, Holger Dielenberg

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