Improving Board Dynamics CPD Workshop

Date: 05-Dec-17 to 05-Dec-17
Location: Durham University / Durham / United Kingdom
Category: Education

In this focused introduction to the topic, you will have the opportunity to explore:

- What board dynamics are – and why they matter
- Why (and how) board dynamics differ from those at executive and management level
- Some of the typical features of a well-functioning board with good board dynamics
- How to recognise and help develop positive dynamics.

By engaging with a practical case study, based around a realistic board meeting scenario, you will learn how to identify both positive and potentially damaging board dynamics.

As a group, you will also have the opportunity to reflect on and share your own experiences, assess your own approach to board meetings, and consider how you could refine your approach in order to achieve more productive personal and business outcomes.

By the time you have completed the session, you will be able to:

- Distinguish board dynamics from the dynamics of other management teams
- Recognise positive board meeting dynamics and employ an approach that supports positive dynamics in your own board

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