The Power of Personalization with Clorox Digital Labs

Buzzword or not, the “digital transformation” has been upon us for years. And while software-first companies don’t need to worry about making that leap into web and mobile, some of the most lucrative companies in the world – such as big box retailers and consumer packaged goods – need to figure out how to engage their customers outside the brick-and-mortar, and gain an edge on the competition. For Clorox Digital Labs, it’s no different.
For September’s Office Hours, Web Analytics Manager Kesha Patel and Data Scientist Naveen Kolagatla will share exactly how they turned, one of CDL’s leading brands, into a portal for personalized content that skyrocketed the site’s engagement and retention metrics.
No matter your industry – whether you’re in media or e-commerce – the power of personalization (and product analytics) is the key to building brands that dominate a market.  

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