CDD for Biologics Summit Boston 2017

Date: 05-Dec-17 to 07-Dec-17
Location: Revere Hotel Boston Common / London / United States
Category: Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals Science Conferences & Trade Fairs

Biologic-based therapeutics have continued to become more complex both by modality and delivery. Much like the small molecule arena, computational tools are being sought to streamline drug design, development and manufacture.

The 2nd Annual Computational Drug Development (CDD) for Biologics Summit is dedicated to exploring the application of in-silico tools within the development paradigm for biologics.

Designed with input from thought leaders at organizations such as Genentech, Bristol-Myers Squibb, AbbVie, EMD Serono and Novartis, identify how to streamline your early drug discovery pipeline, enhance developability and improve the success rate of lead biologic candidates.

* Please note: We also offer a start-up rate for small biotech organisations, as well as academic discounts. For more information and to check eligibility criteria, please visit the website. *


Stanley Krystek (Bristol Myers-Squibb), Chris Roberts (University of Delaware), Vanita Sood (EMD Serono), Sarah Sirin (AbbVie), Bernhardt L Trout (MIT)

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