Digital Automotive Manufacturing 2018 Conference Detroit March 2018

Date: 26-Mar-18 to 26-Mar-18
Location: DoubleTree Hilton Hotel / United States
Category: Automotive Technology Conferences & Trade Fairs

Continuous improvement processes are increasingly data-driven, as factories are upgraded with digital, connected machines. However, technology is advancing faster than your staff or business strategy. The leading automotive manufacturers of the near future will be those most able to leverage data to identify a competitive edge.

Digital Automotive Manufacturing 2018 will explore the vision for this digital transformation. You’ll hear best practices to integrate the efforts of your team and build a cutting-edge infrastructure fit for process optimization.

Through establishing your business strategy, aligning and training your people and implementing the right technology, this conference will outline the steps you need to take to save time, cut costs and increase quality in your manufacturing process.


Pradip Mehta, Jim Van Horn, Terry Yeager, Tom Hall, Phil Beck, Elizabeth Fitzpatrick, Tres Robertson, Robert Preston Brown, Kent Winger, Wesley Bonnheim, Ryan Polk, Lisa Mingoia, Tonya Johannsen, Kathy Potter, John Giannini, Joe Castellano

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