Date: 30-May-18 to 31-May-18
Location: Hotel Marriott Copenhagen / Copenhagen / Denmark
Category: HR & Careers Conferences & Trade Fairs

The prestigious IMD World Talent Ranking 2017 ranks Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland in the top 10 most competitive countries when it comes to attracting and retaining the talent their businesses need to be successful.

Yes, the Nordic countries are well known for being innovative and have always delivered outstanding HR work, but is it enough? Will it ever be enough?

Nowadays HR professionals are under more pressure than ever. HR issues are growing in scale and complexity, demanding more creative approaches and innovative solutions.

It's not enough anymore to successfully partner with the business, so HR must find ways to reshape and redesign the organisation around its people to ensure continuous performance, growth and innovation.

We believe it's time to push the boundaries by bringing you a number of innovative corporate thinkers and practitioners who acknowledged they had a responsibility in influencing and shaping the Future of Work by focusing on HR Agility, People Analytics, Employee Experience, HR Trends, Big Data and Talent/ Leadership Development.


High level executives


Solution Providers

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