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This Events & Conferences Directory offers you a platform to list your business conference or other trade event online - for FREE. Your event listing will be located within a network that reaches more than 12 million people each year and will be included in one of the world's largest news indexes. Thousands of decision-makers, leading journalists and industry professionals rely on EIN News as an indispensable source of breaking news.

When you submit your event it will appear in a prominent position on one or more EIN News industry publication(s) based on your topic selection. It will be syndicated via RSS, picked up by other leading search engines, distributed via email to EIN News Alert subscribers, and tweeted http://twitter.com/EINNewsEvents.Your event will be shown to the people you want to reach.

You may also upload a 300 x 60 banner which will be displayed on the event profile page as well as targeted to relevant EIN News publications.

It's all FREE. Our only request is that you include EIN News as a media partner along with the other media partners in your standard conference promotion activities. Additional information about EIN News along with elements you may use can be found here: http://events.einnews.com/info

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