Conferences on March 06, 2012

New Zealand Gift & Homeware Fair

Date: 04-Mar-12 to 06-Mar-12
Location: Auckland / New Zealand
The New Zealand Gift & Homeware Fair will be one of the largest events for gift and home ware products. Last year, 6,135 visitors came to the show. This time expected visitors are higher than before. The New Zealand Gift & Homeware Fair leads out to be a meeting point for producers and manufacturers of gifts and home wares as well. The trade visitors visiting the event will be generally importers & exporters of accessories, basket/caneware, candlesticks, Christmas products, educational toys, interior decorative, kitchen/cookware, sports goods etc. New features which will be presented in these exclusive collections will be based on the indisputable levels of quality and intrinsic value.

Campus Market Expo

Date: 02-Mar-12 to 06-Mar-12
Location: Houston / Texas / United States
CAMEX is the industry's largest trade show and educational event attracting attendees from more than 1,100 college stores and nearly 700 exhibiting companies. Today CAMEX is the industry's largest trade show and educational event attracting attendees from more than 1,100 college stores and nearly 700 exhibiting companies.

International Security National Resilience

Date: 04-Mar-12 to 06-Mar-12
International Security National Resilience (ISNR) is the only event that brings together the full International spectrum of homeland security issues under one roof.


Date: 04-Mar-12 to 06-Mar-12
Location: Toronto / Ontario / Canada
CRFA Show will be one of the top notch events related to foodservice and hospitality. The visitors will be participating in the event such as dealers, qualified buyers, industry executives and professionals, chefs and restaurateurs. It will witness a lot of visitors and exhibitors who will participate in this show. In this show participants will get an opportunity to interact with featured ChefÂ’s like Ezra Title ,Mark McEwan Lynn Crawford and Vikram Vij and build their knowledge which will help them to succeed in food service and hospitality industry. CRFA Show will be the option for exporters and importers linked to food service to find out new business opportunities for them.

CAMEX 2012

Date: 04-Mar-12 to 06-Mar-12
Collegiate Retailers from all 50 U.S. States, Canada and a smattering of international college store buyers attend CAMEX to purchase over 90+ different categories, including but not limited to: gifts, apparel, backpacks, office & school supplies, food & convenience items, computers, software, peripherals & accessories, electronics, general books/textbooks/bargain books, services (e.g. consulting, design, marketing, student services) and many more. Over 85% of buyers personally place orders at CAMEX.

4th Annual Thin Film Solar Summit Europe

Date: 05-Mar-12 to 06-Mar-12
Location: Berlin / Germany
Now in its 4th year, the Annual Thin Film Solar Summit is set to take place in Berlin, March 2012. Over 200 top attendees from all parts of the community will come together to share perspectives and divulge in networking opportunities. This 2 day conference covers all aspects of how to streamline and optimise your thin film business to increase your competitive advantage and seize the best new opportunities in the market. You will learn how to: -Improve the yield of your production process strategies by significantly enhancing scale within your plant -Enhance conversion efficiency and density of particles -Learn how to increase materials yield within Cd-Te, CIGS, A-Si and create fast scalability to bring your product to the industrial scale -Ensure you secure the finance ...

European Smart Grid Cyber Security - Priority One; Securing the Digital Infrastructure

Date: 05-Mar-12 to 06-Mar-12
Location: London / United Kingdom
SMi Group Limited are pleased to announce the 2nd annual European Smart Grid Cyber Security Forum, to be held on March 12th and 13th in London 2012. Following the success of the 2011 event, the Forum will again bring together the most influential European and North American utilities and cyber security authorities, to further develop the international roadmap to securing our energy infrastructure.

Marketing 360 Exchange West Coast

Date: 04-Mar-12 to 06-Mar-12
View brochure: The Marketing 360 Exchange West Coast has been designed to bring together senior marketing executives focused on executing leading strategies to achieve brand excellence and greater profitability. Invite only, this is an exclusive event for senior level networking and idea exchange. You will have the opportunity to debate and strategize with peers at our interactive sessions and participate in one-on-one meetings with leading solution providers. Benchmark with your peers, gain practical advice and leave the Exchange with new ideas and strategies to take back to the office. Early confirmed speakers include: • Dwayne Chambers, CMO, Krispy Kreme • Vince Ferraro, Worldwide VP Marketing, KODAK • Deborah Nelson, SVP Marketing, Hewlett Packard • ...

When FMLA ends and ADA begins. The FMLA/ADA Crossover: Coordination, Management, and Compliance Strategies

Date: 06-Mar-12 to 06-Mar-12
This 90-minute training will assist you in understanding the complex interaction between FMLA and ADA (AA) as it relates to intermittent leave requests with an underlying accommodation. In addition, we will clarify and discuss strategies for managing the transition from FMLA to ADA, concurrent ADA compliance requirements when designating FMLA, and the significant differences between the compliance requirements. Do you refrain from terminating employees because you are concerned about running afoul with either the FMLA or ADA and do not want a lawsuit? This interactive Webinar workshop will help you understand when and how you can have confidence to terminate employees if they are not complying with notification and intermittent leaves as they relate to both FMLA and the ADA. Learn when ...

Superbugs & Superdrugs - A Focus on Antibacterials

Date: 05-Mar-12 to 06-Mar-12
Location: London / United Kingdom
With multidrug resistance ever-increasing on a worldwide scale, advances in antibacterial development have never been more important. This year's conference will consist of a variety of different case study focused presentations featuring real life success stories and failures enabling attendees to learn from and discuss with key industry professionals on challenges facing this rapidly-evolving field. Senior industry executives in the field will present on their experiences of antibiotic resistance and development of new antibacterial agents. Key areas to be discussed in this year's conference are: • Therapies to overcome microbial resistance • Antimicrobial resistant pathogens • Gram Positive and Gram Negative bacteria infection treatments • Cell division inhibitors • ...