Conferences on March 21, 2012

Franchise Expo-Paris

Date: 18-Mar-12 to 21-Mar-12
Location: Paris / France
Franchise Expo Paris is the leading exhibition in the master franchise market. This original event brings all international brands looking to pass on their formula for success together in the same place at the same time, presenting hundreds of franchising concepts in more than 75 sectors of activity. It is an exclusive platform to become master franchisee, to find new business opportunities, to compare offers, to realize projects.

Australian Wound Management Association Conference 2012

Date: 18-Mar-12 to 21-Mar-12
Location: Sydney / Australia
The complexity of wound care demands input from many providers. It is within a holistic environment that this Conference aims to bring together healthcare professionals from all disciplines who contribute to maintaining skin integrity or to changes in wound management through innovation and therapeutic development.

Mobile Network Optimization 2012

Date: 20-Mar-12 to 21-Mar-12
Location: Bangkok / Thailand
etwork and technology executives will be held in Bangkok, Thailand from 20 – 21 March 2012. Gain Valuable Insights from First Hand Experiences Shared • Analyst update on evolving your networks to support the uplink data MIMO network traffic from Ovum • Traffic offload panel with insights from Chunghwa Telecom, Telecom Italia and Maravedis on minimizing network congestion • Ground experiences shared by Telenor Norway on sub regional and sub period packages for enhanced data traffic management • Hutchison 3G UK’s deployment of small cells to improve customer experience • Taiwan Mobile’s experience on centralised NOC vs. OSS systems - operations management and new tools in performance management • Bharti Airtel’s take on examining LTE and how it comes into play for optimization with ...

2nd Annual Custody, Clearing & Settlement Asia 2012

Date: 20-Mar-12 to 21-Mar-12
Location: Hong Kong / Hong Kong
Implementing Effective Custody, Clearing and Settlement Processes to Drive Asia’s Growing Securities Industry 2nd Annual Custody, Clearing and Settlement Asia 2012 will gather industry experts from Citi, BBH, DBS, Central Securities Depositories, SGX, JF Asset Management, amongst others to address latest developments, key issues and best practices in Asia’s custody, clearing and settlement processes. Key themes at Custody, Clearing and Settlement Asia 2012 include: • Assessing Asian clearing houses’ and stock exchanges’ current state and future developments and the implications for the custody, clearing and settlement industry • Exploring best practices in improving operational efficiency, optimising cost, and managing operational and credit risk effectively • Examining ...

2nd Annual SA Resources & Infrastructure Conference 2012

Date: 20-Mar-12 to 21-Mar-12
Location: Adelaide / Australia
Due to the huge success of the 2011 event, we are excited to announce the 2nd Annual SA Resources & Infrastructure Conference which will be held on the 20th and 21st of March, 2012 at the Adelaide Convention & Exhibition Centre. South Australia has been in the mining business since around 1850, not long after colonisation. Despite the early history, much of South Australia remained unexplored compared to other mining provinces. Over the past decades the government has sought to develop the potential of the mining industry in South Australia. The PACE (plan for accelerating exploration) initiative was implemented in April 2004 as a strategy to stimulate investment in mineral and energy exploration. Since, South Australia has experienced a mining boom, with exploration profit ...

Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) Webinar

Date: 21-Mar-12 to 21-Mar-12
In this Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) webinar training understand the prohibited and exempted actions as per FCAP act, how to find the non compliance issues and how to implement FCPA compliance policies and procedures in your organization. Why Should You Attend: Companies that sell products and services internationally must understand the actions that can lead to prosecution under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA). Attention to be given to the fact that the federal government has become more active on the FCPA enforcement front and a number of senior executives have faced fines, loss of their jobs and reputation and suspended jail sentences. But simple preventative measures can avoid large civil fines and even prison terms for company directors, officers and employees. ...

Implementation of Pharmacogenomics into the Routine Clinical Laboratory

Date: 21-Mar-12 to 21-Mar-12
This 90-minute webinar will cover the basic principles of pharmacogenomics and pharmacogenetics and will discuss in detail the steps behind implementing a clinical pharmacotenomic testing service. The FDA's Center for Drug Education and Research has relabeled many drugs recommending pharmacogenomic testing. In other cases, the FDA has issued "black box" warnings cautioning doctors that there are genetic variances that effect safety profile for drugs such as codeine and clopidogrel. These FDA mandates have driven the adoption of pharmacogenomic testing into clinical practice to date. Areas Covered in the Seminar: * Basic principles of pharmacogenomics and pharmacogenetics. * Clinical benefits for pharmacogenomics testing. * Costs and reimbursement for ...

Master Verification & Validation Planning under U.S. FDA CGMP, ICH Q-series and ISO 13485-14971 Requirements - Webinar By GlobalCompliancePanel

Date: 21-Mar-12 to 21-Mar-12
FDA Warning Letters and recent high-profile recalls indicate major cGMP deficiencies in many companies. Why you should attend: Verification and validation requirements have always been part of the US FDA's GMPs. However, with increasing technology, both industry and regulatory agencies expectations have increased. Recent high-profile field problems indicate that V&V activities are not planned or carried out as completely as expected, and may not be fully utilizing the power of current risk management tools, as identified in ISO 14971. The FDA / ICH Q-series provide valuable insights for all regulated industries, not just Pharma. The billions of dollars spent by industry annually for V&V are not providing the product safety or efficacy seemingly promised. For most companies, the ...

Social Media for Government

Date: 20-Mar-12 to 21-Mar-12
Location: Toronto / Ontario / Canada
Several agencies are making dramatic strides in developing approaches and systems that work for them in their communication and marketing efforts. The periodic sharing of these experiences and "best practices" is an important element in this social media evolution. That is why this forum, presented by the Advanced Learning Institute, is such a valuable opportunity to hear perspectives and share experiences of other professionals engaged in the "journey."


Date: 18-Mar-12 to 22-Mar-12
Location: Brno / Czech Republic
Techagro is the International Fair of Agricultural Technology has become, within its 11-year existence, a very important event attended regularly by VIP guests from the government, agricultural chambers and also non-governmental institutions.