Conferences on August 15, 2012

International Conference and Exhibition on Orthopedics

Date: 13-Aug-12 to 15-Aug-12
OMICS Group's International Conference and Exhibition on Orthopedics, Orthopedics-2012, having the theme "Development of Innovative and Modern Methods for Orthopedic Management."

Webinar on How to Survive a DEA Inspection Series: DEA Due Diligence for Manufacturers and Distributors by Onlinecompliancepanel

Date: 15-Aug-12 to 15-Aug-12
The training will cover several recommendations to improve the Corporate Due Diligence when narcotic drugs are purchased by their customers and the steps that can be taken to detect and prevent the illicit use or diversion of any narcotic drug sold to customers. Why Should you Attend: Understanding DEA “Know Your Customer” and “Due Diligence” policies are important and steps suggested in this training will give you a better insight as to what level of compliance should be taken to prevent illicit use or diversion of any controlled substance purchased by customers. Objectives of the Presentation: The following areas are covered: • DEA OFFICE OF DIVERSION CONTROL – familiarize the participant with the authority given to DEA when enforcing federal laws and regulations pertaining to ...

Shanghai International Conference on Social Science

Date: 14-Aug-12 to 17-Aug-12
Location: Shanghai / China
SICSS 2012: Call for Papers 2012 Shanghai International Conference on Social Science Shanghai, China, August 14-17, 2012 SICSS 2012 aims to build a platform allowing parties interested in it to share and discuss their studies from various perspectives in the aspects of social science, including: Culture, Economics, Education, Law, Mass Communications, Politics, Psychology, Society, Tourism, Transportation, Urban Planning, and so forth. All theoretical, empirical, and practical papers (qualitative or quantitative) from scholars and professionals in the above fields (but not strictly limited) are all highly welcomed. Important Dates Submission Deadline March 30, 2012 Notification of Acceptance or Rejection April ...

Youth and climate change- Photography Competition 2012

Date: 01-Jun-12 to 10-Oct-12
Youth and climate change- Photography Competition 2012

Connecticut International Auto Show

Date: 11-Nov-11 to 13-Nov-12
It's the perfect place to browse hundreds of the year's new vehicles! Located at the Connecticut Convention Center, the Connecticut International Auto Show is the premier showcase of the newest model year import and domestic vehicles -- cars, vans, crossovers, hybrids, light trucks and sport utilities. Factory and dealer representatives from the car lines are on hand to answer your questions in a no pressure environment at the Show. There are cars to suit every budget and life style at the Auto Show. With the car lines all under one roof, it's easy to compare prices and features, saving both time and money. So come sit in the cars, pop the hoods, inspect the trunks, kick the tires. The Connecticut International Auto Show is great entertainment for serious shoppers, car buffs and the ...

Internal Investigations Certificate Program

Date: 05-Jun-12 to 05-Dec-12
Location: United States
When you receive an allegation of workplace harassment or discrimination or believe your organization has become a victim of fraud or theft - taking prompt action is your legal responsibility. But let's face it: most HR professionals or business owners have never had formal training in how to conduct internal investigations. And without having the proper skills in how to handle allegations in the workplace - and investigate them effectively - employees may feel their complaints are not taken seriously internally. As a result, they take their complaints externally - to the EEOC, DOL, or to their attorney. Therefore, our Internal Investigations training course is a must-attend for those individuals that are responsible for employee relations and the handling of internal investigations....

HR Basics Seminar

Date: 05-Jun-12 to 07-Dec-12
Location: United States
One Day Of Face-To-Face Training That Covers HR's Most Important Issues Hiring. Firing. Payroll. Compliance. Performance Management. Insurance. Workers' Comp. Investigations. Safety. Workforce Planning. Employee Relations (aka conflicts and complaints). All of this, and more, is the responsibility of HR. do you, your managers, and your supervisors keep up with all of the requirements of dealing with all things HR without losing your sanity, negatively affecting your other responsibilities, or making compliance mistakes? We have the solution: a one-day, comprehensive training program - plus access to our OnDemand library of 90-minute specialty training courses on key administrative and compliance tips. This unbeatable program is packed with practical tools, tips, and ...

Certificate Program In FMLA & ADA Compliance

Date: 04-Jun-12 to 11-Dec-12
Location: United States
This comprehensive, three-day program includes 15 information-packed sessions that provide complete A-to-Z coverage of all aspects of FMLA and ADA compliance and best practices - plus access to our heralded FMLA and ADA Training & Certification Programs! Not only will you learn the practical strategies and procedural recommendations that will enable you to tackle the challenging FMLA and ADA issues you confront every day, you'll also get FREE updates whenever FMLA or ADA laws change! Agenda Day 1: The Family And Medical Leave Act Key terms and definitions Who's covered and why Employee Eligibility And Leave Entitlement Paid and unpaid leave options Intermittent and reduced-schedule leaves Special rules for school employees Employer posting requirements ...

Certificate Program For HR Generalists

Date: 30-May-12 to 12-Dec-12
Location: United States
As an HR Generalist, you are expected to be an expert in every human resource function, including everything from hiring to compensation to payroll to performance management to the numerous employment laws such as the FMLA, ADA, COBRA, FLSA, IRCA, and others. Not only do you need to have a strong knowledge base in all areas, but even more importantly, you need to be able to apply your knowledge to the daily situations that arise in your workplace. This course has been designed to provide you with practical solutions to the HR challenges you confront everyday. You'll get the vital knowledge you need to succeed - plus the critical strategies to perfect your HR skills. By attending this three-day training program, you will: Discover best practices and indispensable strategies for ...

The Safety Basics Seminar

Date: 12-Jun-12 to 12-Dec-12
Location: United States
One Day Of Face-To-Face Training That Covers Safety's Most Important Issues Safety Plans. Worker Training. OSHA. Reasonable Accomodations. LockOut/Tagout. Workers' Comp. Accidents. Investigations. Return-To-Work Issues. GHS. HazCom. Recordkeeping. Safety Committees. Filling Out Required Forms. Keeping up to speed on all things safety requires everyone's attention, especially with all the federal and state agencies now focused on increased enforcement and accountability. Get one thing wrong and you and your organization can be subject to fines and penalties - or having to deal with a death or serious employee accident. As a result, managing and accurately complying with safety requirements can be overwhelming! But help is here: our Safety Basics Course is all you need to ...