Conferences on August 16, 2013

4th World Congress on Diabetes & Metabolism

Date: 14-Aug-13 to 16-Aug-13
Diabetes-2013 will provide the latest technologies to treat and prevent diabetes and its related illnesses. It is one of the largest innovative diabetic technologies for researchers, clinicians and general practitioners in all fields of diabetes, endocrinology and metabolism.

International Conference on Radiology and Imaging

Date: 14-Aug-13 to 16-Aug-13
International Conference on Radiology and Imaging will schedule and coordinate all meetings with our Editorial Board members and many revolutionary experts across the world.

International Conference on Radiology and Imaging

Date: 14-Aug-13 to 16-Aug-13
International Conference on Radiology and Imaging will schedule and coordinate all meetings with our Editorial Board members and many revolutionary experts across the world

International Conference on Astronomy & Cosmology

Date: 14-Aug-13 to 16-Aug-13
OMICS Group invites all the participants across the globe to attend the International Conference on Astronomy & Cosmology during August 14-16, 2013 at Chicago-North shore, USA. Astronomy-2013 is a remarkable event which facilitate the education, development, and participation of atmospheric scientists from developing countries as a conference. It initiates, encourages, facilitates and coordinates international cooperation in scientific research and stimulates discussion, presentation and publication of scientific results. To promote public education and awareness of the role and importance of the atmosphere and atmospheric sciences.

National SCADA Conference

Date: 15-Aug-13 to 16-Aug-13
Location: Melbourne / Australia
From 8:30 am - 5:00 pm Summary: Australia's longest running SCADA conference brings together many of the luminaries of the Australian and International community to find solutions for the increasing demands of the SCADA environment. Description: The theme for 2013 will be delivering intelligence and improved performance to SCADA networks. The and SCADA conference program and will deliver fantastic first-hand knowledge from leading international and local SCADA experts with a great mix of burning SCADA issues, case studies, security and real world implementations together with practical advice. The networking opportunities provided coupled with the largest and SCADA exhibition and in the Southern Hemisphere ensure the National SCADA Conference is a must attend event for Australia'...

Government Contact Centre Summit 2013

Date: 13-Aug-13 to 16-Aug-13
Location: Sydney / Australia
On Tuesday August 13, 2013 at 8:00 am (ends Friday August 16, 2013 at 6:00 pm) Summary: A road map for transitioning your contact centre technology, processes and staff from traditional channels and skills sets to a multi-channel environment. Description: The Government Contact Centre Summit 2013 has been designed to give you the tools to shift your technology, people and processes to an increasingly digital environment. This year’s event will focus on: • Using self-service channels to increase customer satisfaction and reduce the incidence of low value contacts • Optimising the performance of contact centre staff through employee engagement, change management and improved recruitment practises • Leveraging the potential of social media as a customer service channel • ...

EU Competition Law Summer School

Date: 12-Aug-13 to 16-Aug-13
From 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Summary Now in its 15th year, this fully-inclusive residential event is your team’s annual opportunity for a complete A-Z update on EU competition law. Description The event incorporates presentations, group discussions, case studies, debates and practical workshops - allowing you to gain the maximum benefit from each of the 20 speakers. Plus, the evening activities provide extra time to digest the day’s learning, to network and to exchange ideas with the speakers and international delegates. 2013 topics include: • A-Z of EU competition law • Economic principles • Articles 101 and 102 • In-house compliance management • The European Commission’s priorities • View from the Office of Fair Trading • EU merger control • Cartels • Damages • ...

Odessa Calling

Date: 16-Aug-13 to 17-Aug-13
Location: Odessa / Ukraine
Odessa Calling is a business Event for European and international telecom companies.

The State of the Economy

Date: 26-Feb-13 to 26-Oct-13
Location: London / United Kingdom
George Osborne has claimed that, ‘Britain is turning a corner,’ and is experiencing the fastest growth since the 1980s. This is seemingly good news but there are still significant risks to future growth and significant questions remain as to whether the UK’s growth will ever return to trend. Bringing together the most recognised economic commentators, The State of the Economy conference is a unique opportunity to gain insight and expert analysis on the prospects for the UK and International economies from the country’s leading economists. Top Speakers Include: - Dr. Ben Broadbent, Monetary Policy Committee Member, Bank of England - Graeme Leach, Chief Economist & Director of Policy, IOD - Keith Wade, Chief Economist, Schroders - Roger Bootle, Managing Director, Capital ...

Consumer Protection and Consumer Welfare Conference 2014 - Sultanate of Oman

Date: 10-Feb-13 to 14-Feb-14
Location: Muscat / Oman
Head National Consumers Conferences within the confirm territories of Liberia and attend others regional Consumers Conferences in Regional Country.