Conferences on April 30, 2014

IS-U Jahresforum EVU Prozess and IT Tage

Date: 28-Apr-14 to 30-Apr-14
Location: Berlin / Germany
Summary: IS-U Jahresforum EVU Prozess & IT Tage 28-30 April 2014, Hotel Radisson Blu, Berlin. Description: Die Regulierungsanforderungen stellen die Systeme permanent vor Herausforderungen, auf die EVU schnell reagieren müssen. Energiewende und Kostendruck beschleunigen die Nachfrage nach flexiblen und dynamischen IT-Systemen. Doch wie schnell können SAP und andere Anbieter darauf reagieren? Wie wird das IS-U zukünftig umgestaltet und können sich EVU interne Software-Kompetenz zukünftig überhaupt noch leisten? Kommen Sie auf dem IS-U Jahresforum EVU Prozess & IT Tage mit IT und Fachbereiche zusammen und machen Sie sich gemeinsam bereit für: - Vorbereitung auf die Smart Meter: Diskutieren Sie den aktuellen Stand der MessZV und die Rolle des Gateway ...

2014 Canadian Pharma Market Research Conference

Date: 29-Apr-14 to 30-Apr-14
Location: Toronto / Ontario / Canada
The 2014 Canadian Pharma Market Research Conference is Canada’s premier gathering of senior level pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, and diagnostics executives in market research and marketing. Nowhere else will you find the industry’s best speakers and experts all under one roof! More than 100 people came in 2013. They walked away with invaluable information, meaningful interaction with the industry’s best speakers, as well as new business opportunities. This conference happens only once a year, so be sure to take advantage of this amazing opportunity! To register, or for more information, please visit , call +1-212-228-7974, or email

Family Office co-Investment Forum

Date: 28-Apr-14 to 30-Apr-14
Location: Geneva / Switzerland
Bringing together families of significant wealth with a view to co-investing, this will be a unique opportunity to combine knowledge sharing around the essential components for creating successful co-investment strategies with closed door discussions for those both new to co-investing those experienced in the practice. The event is exclusively for significant private investors, business and financial families and their private offices to discuss issues including; identifying co-investments, due diligence and tax structuring, benchmarking and timescale management. With an innovative agenda that allows for intimate discussion rather than plenary presentations, the Forum will give you the opportunity to engage in constructive conversations and build significant relationships with ...

Records' Management

Date: 30-Apr-14 to 30-Apr-14
Location: Dublin / Ireland
OBJECTIVE This seminar will help to emphasize the importance of having a prudent data management system to manage your assets. Plus you will be able to explore technology to organize and manage aircraft records. BENEFITS OF ATTENDING • Gain 360 degree view to data management: Lessors', Operators' & Aircraft Inspectors' perspective. • Exposure to best practices: Collection and presentation of technical data. • Understand the current trends in enhancing project readiness: Transitions, Re-delivery & Surveillance. • Identify the key value drivers in technical records management: Back-to-Birth review. • Understand the implications of managing an asset with poor technical records. • Learn about preparing for aircraft audits.

Government Marketing and Communications

Date: 29-Apr-14 to 30-Apr-14
Location: Canberra / Australia
Government Marketing and Communications conference will bring together marketing, communications and media executives across federal, state and local government to discuss strategies for developing marketing campaigns and communication strategies to reach, engage and ultimately drive change. Do you have a specific communication problem to solve? Are you interested in what others are doing? This conference will give you an opportunity to network and creatively problem solve with your peers from across federal, state and local government. This conference will address how to: • Improve service delivery through communication activities • Integrate digital and social media into existing strategies • Use community and stakeholder engagement to create a successful campaign ...

Automotive Cockpit HMI USA

Date: 28-Apr-14 to 30-Apr-14
With all this information available, driver distraction is of course a major concern. * Learn how to safely implement control concepts without risking driver distraction. Hear the latest research and real-life experiences from the experts * Understand Customer Expectation and Experiences in order to overcome challenges in designing for world markets and designing for the future * Learn how a smart HMI development will help to integrate and deploy next-generation user interfaces and content in both standard and non-standard environments to fulfil consumers' fast-changing needs * Assess requirements of HMI in electric vehicles and for automated driving to create a coherent concept for the vehicle of the future Time: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Price Bronze Package: 3499

LNG Construction Summit

Date: 28-Apr-14 to 30-Apr-14
Location: London / United Kingdom
As the global demand for gas increases at a faster rate for that of oil, the hydrocarbons industry is positioning itself to deliver a surge in capacity of supply, through the construction of Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) projects around the world. The LNG Construction Summit is the only dedicated event of its kind dealing with the challenges and developments found in the fabrication of these large scale capital projects. From the early development and feasibility planning, through to conception and construction, the event will bring together a range case studies from across the globe, including liquifaction, regasification and FLNG projects. This conference will explore the significant LNG construction challenges and LNG project management difficulties which can hamper project delivery,...

6th International Conference Advanced Automotive Diagnostic Systems

Date: 28-Apr-14 to 30-Apr-14
Location: Stuttgart / Germany
Learn how to manage the complexity of electronic systems with advanced diagnostic tools. With the growing complexity of electronic components, automotive diagnostic systems are facing considerable challenges in development, production and aftersales. The proportion of electronics and software in vehicles is increasing tremendously. False alarms and no-trouble-found-problems cause immense warranty and repair costs, and call-backs burden consumer confidence. Furthermore, the next years will see the implementation of the intensified legal requirements for OBD defined in Euro 6/VI. How to best meet them, and which technical solutions will allow for an efficient measurement of particles, is still up for discussion. Meet the experts from Adam Opel AG, BMW Group, Daimler AG and ...

Small - Mid Scale LNG Summit 2014

Date: 29-Apr-14 to 30-Apr-14
Location: Amsterdam / Netherlands
Economical and environmentally sound, LNG has proven to be a viable source of fuel globally. From the US to Asia, natural gas demand is expected to increase steadily as the international market grows. Join LNG business leaders as they discuss challenges to developing infrastructure and distribution networks, the business case for small-mid scale projects and the resources and technologies required to make this a sustainable source of energy from drilling to transport. Tuesday April 29, 2014 at 8:30 am, ends Wednesday April 30, 2014 at 5:00 pm Price: Standard price: €1999

4th Annual Utica & Marcellus NGL & Natural Gas Markets & Takeaway Congress 2014

Date: 29-Apr-14 to 30-Apr-14
Location: Columbus / Ohio / United States
According to the EIA and ODNR's Division of Oil & Gas Resources.... By 2016, production of NGLs from the Marcellus and Utica shales is expected to reach at least 650,000 barrels per day (bpd ), marking an all-time high for NGL production records Gas well production from the Marcellus shale play has reached 13 billion cubic feet per day The 245 wells in the Utica produced a total of 1,332,477 barrels of oil and 33,606,075 thousand cubic feet of natural gas in the third quarter While there are a total of 285 wells listed in the Utica, 40 of those Utica wells reported no production as they are awaiting pipeline infrastructure With Natural Gas and NGL production from both the Utica and Marcellus continuing to soar, it has become pertinent for E&P ...