Conferences on February 18, 2015

ME-TECH Middle East Technology Forum

Date: 17-Feb-15 to 18-Feb-15
ME-TECH will take place for the fifth time in February 2015 in the pleasant surroundings of the Madinat Jumeirah in Dubai. The conference has proved to be the essential meeting place for the Middle East Downstream Industry and an excellent platform to keep up-to-date with the latest technologies and key projects in this important region. Key Conference Topics 2015: PLENARY SESSION Focus on Global Market Trends Future Feedstock and Industry Challenges Project Updates from Major Producers Integration as the Key to Future Refining & Petchem Projects in MENA REFINING Outlook for the Global Refining Industry & Trends in Refining New Technologies and Catalysts for Euro V Grade Gasoline, Diesel and Lubes Growing Importance of Optimisation & Green Technologies Producer’...

Predictive Toxicology Summit 2015

Date: 17-Feb-15 to 18-Feb-15
Location: London / United Kingdom
This years summit will equip you with the most up to date time and money saving tools such as new In silico models and In vitro methods. The event will be thought provoking, asking important questions on the predictive ability of new research subjects such as stem cells and 3D models. Industry case studies and research presentations will be used to illustrate the current state of predictive toxicology testing and emerging testing tools in areas such as liver toxicity. Predictive testing will be covered with emphasis on clinical studies in several therapeutic areas including neuroscience, liver toxicity, oncology and cardio toxicity. The 7th Annual Predictive Toxicology Summit is your tool kit to the forthcoming drug development year covering topics such as: >The transition ...

SAGD Drilling Optimization 2015: Well Placement & Integrity Congress

Date: 17-Feb-15 to 18-Feb-15
Location: Calgary / Alberta / Canada
The inaugural SAGD Drilling Optimization 2015: Well Placement & Integrity Congress will be the first dedicated event for drilling professionals, gathering up-to-the-minute case studies from leading E&Ps in SAGD operations to maximize ROP whilst reducing time and cost.

Commercial Modular and Offsite Construction Summit

Date: 16-Feb-15 to 18-Feb-15
Location: Rotterdam / Netherlands
How can the construction industry become more efficient and productive? The construction industry in Europe is suffering. Productivity is declining, costs are increasing and skilled labour is becoming more difficult to find. Modular and off-site methods seem to provide the answer. Time efficient, high quality and involving less on-site labour modular and offsite production looks set to provide the construction industry with a solution. Yet why is it not being used? The Commercial Modular and Off-Site Construction Summit will bring together site owners, contractors, developers and architects across the commercial and residential construction industries to discuss the benefits, challenges and concerns of modular and off-site construction. Why should you attend? This event will educate ...

Platts 9th Annual CEE Power Conference

Date: 17-Feb-15 to 18-Feb-15
Location: Prague / Czech Republic
With nearly a decade’s history of bringing together the region’s leading power producers, power plants developers, regulators, traders, financiers and market analysts we aim to continue our tradition of providing a comprehensive overview of the regions power market, access to some of the most influential people of the moment as well as unrivalled networking opportunities to share knowledge and develop long lasting relationships.

Medical Device Sales Training Reinforcement Conference

Date: 17-Feb-15 to 18-Feb-15
Location: Atlanta / Georgia / United States
Standing out from the competition will also maximize effectiveness and bring back lucrative results. Sustaining growth, drive and motivation, will reward performance with success and leadership in the field.

Medical Device & Diagnostic Clinical Education Conference

Date: 17-Feb-15 to 18-Feb-15
Location: Atlanta / Georgia / United States
"Training for the Future of Medicine"

The Minuet Grand Ball Martedi Grasso or Fat Tuesday - The Last Dance

Date: 17-Feb-15 to 18-Feb-15
Location: Italy
Tuesday, February 17, 2015 Gala Dinner & Live Entertainment. The Minuet Grand Ball on Mardi Gras, the last night of Carnival, takes place in the “piano nobile” of Palazzo Ca' Pesaro Papafava, an authentic 14th Century palace with an exclusive water entrance. Gothic windows overlook the alluring Misericordia canal. During the gala Shrove Tuesday dinner, only candlelight and classical music illuminate the ancient rooms, whisking guests back to a time of enchantment. The elegant Minuet was the favorite dance of European aristocrats. The masters of dance introduce guests to the Minuet, Gavotte and Jigs, and offer instruction in the ballrooms of the ancient palace. Join hands and dance the open-chain farandole throughout the palazzo - a perfect way to end Carnival. 21:15 ...

NGL Recovery Optimization & Cryoplant Facilities Design 2015

Date: 17-Feb-15 to 18-Feb-15
Location: Houston / Texas / United States
NGL Recovery Optimization & Cryoplant Facilities Design 2015 is a brand new forum shaping up to be the most practical and exciting technical midstream initiative of 2015. This is the first initiative to combine in-depth technical detail with big-picture, strategic, business optimization objectives to provide practical solutions on how to increase repeatability, operability and safety and reduce emissions in gas processing plants; all with the end goal of making dramatic improvements to project execution speed and NGL recovery. NGL Recovery Optimization & Cryoplant Facilities Design 2015 is the only forum to discuss design strategy within the volatile NGL market context; to provide insights on how to maximize propane recovery, deal with excess ethane and build contingency ...

Tuesday Night is Meditation Night

Date: 18-Feb-15 to 18-Feb-15
Location: Calgary / Canada
Every Tuesday evening we come together to engage Buddhist wisdom and meditate together. We start with a short talk on a Buddhist topic, followed by a guided meditation* and the opportunity for Q&A and socializing afterwards. *We practice Guru Yoga Meditation on the 16th Karmapa. It lasts around 25 minutes. It's a meditation which allows mind's space, clarity and joy to naturally arise. This form of meditation is a practical and comprehensive tool for enlightenment which was composed by the 16th Karmapa Rangjung Rigpe Dorje. The 16th Karmapa made Hannah and Lama Ole Nydahl the holders of this practice, with the wish that it is always kept fresh and on the cutting edge of western minds. The emphasis is on actively continuing the pure view, obtained in meditation, into daily life. It is ...