Conferences on February 24, 2015

FDA Perspective on IVD Clinical Trial Descriptions, Data Analyses, and Data Presentations in FDA Submissions

Date: 24-Feb-15 to 24-Feb-15
Webinar Description: The quality of a submission to FDA in support of marketing authorization (pre-submission, 510k, special 510k, PMA, or de novo)has a significant impact on the timeline to commercialization. This webinar will discuss in a point and counterpoint format the key issues on how to present information to FDA on the clinical trial, data analysis, and presentation of the data from two perspectives, representing different backgrounds, specifically an ex-FDA reviewer and IVD regulatory expert. Both experts have over 25 years’ experience with IVDs in industry, FDA, and/or consulting. Learning Objectives: Understanding the importance of organization, presentation, transparency, and accuracy. Describing analytical studies, clinical validation studies, and pivotal studies ...

MilSatCom Middle East & Africa 2015

Date: 23-Feb-15 to 24-Feb-15
SMi's 3rd Annual MilSatCom Middle East & Africa conference will take place in Abu Dhabi for the first time, after having been highly recommended by our strategic partners. The must-attend two day conference will boast a tailored programme based on current issues across MilSatCom covered by a series of international speakers, as well as discussing the latest developments taking place within the region and the latest technologies in the SatCom industry. In addition to having representatives from the Middle East, the conference will have African representation too as we explore the challenges of using satcom across difficult terrain. We will also be hearing from nations outside the region sharing their experiences as end-users and the latest technologies in the satcom industry. The ...

The State of the Economy

Date: 24-Feb-15 to 24-Feb-15
Location: London / United Kingdom
The State of the Economy conference brings together the country’s leading Economists to discuss the issues likely to shape the UK’s economy in both the short and long-term. Aimed at a diverse audience this conference covers subjects such as the impact of future rate rises, a rising exchange rate, how and if the Eurozone will recover, the next Government’s fiscal inheritance, and the impact of global markets on the UK. This is a fascinating conference to anyone interested in the impact the economy will have on future business.

3rd Edition Kingdom Human Asset Management Summit

Date: 23-Feb-15 to 24-Feb-15
Location: Riyadh / Saudi Arabia
The 3rd Kingdom Human Asset Management Summit organised by Fleming Gulf is a result of the overwhelming response received during the last 2 years summit. This years summit aims at connecting HR professionals from the region across various sectors to understand the ongoing challenges faced and the strategies that should be initiated to ensure the HR function not only meets the expectations of the organisation but also exceeds those expectations. This years summit will cover an array of topic ranging from Talent management, Employee engagement & retention, Succession planning, Localisation and many more.

K12 Cultural Innovation in Australian Schools Conference

Date: 22-Feb-15 to 24-Feb-15
Location: Australia
The 21st century school. For long we have talked about what this might be. Now we talk about how we make this happen. A school in which we prepare our students for an innovative, skills rich, creative 21st century future that as yet remains undefined. A school in which traditional classrooms disappear. A new breed of school where learning space is free flowing and infinite; where technology informs physical design, where a progressive school administrator and manager and an innovative and future thinking teacher are both clued in to the world in which their students must live and participate. Where learning is about inquiry and discovery; critical thinking and problem solving, communication and collaboration, creativity and innovation. And most of all about experience and doing. ...

6th Patient Adherence and Advocacy Summit

Date: 23-Feb-15 to 24-Feb-15
This summit brings together a variety of different key stakeholders to discuss how they can partner with the pharmaceutical industry to improve patient adherence. Academia shares the latest findings in adherence research; technology providers give an update on innovative tools to engage patients and assist them; advocacy groups outline patient needs and share best practices on how to raise awareness; and the industry analyzes how successful collaborations, adherence programs and effective marketing have resulted in behavioral changes.

Regulatory Filing Strategies Summit

Date: 23-Feb-15 to 24-Feb-15
The regulatory filing process can drain valuable time and resources when developing a drug for approval. As being the first to hit the market with a new drug therapy before their competition is a huge business advantage, speeding up the FDA approval process is the best route to position a therapy for maximum market share and to ensure people in need receive the highest quality treatment possible as quickly as possible. The Regulatory Filing Strategies Summit is the only event in the industry that has been designed to help regulatory, submissions and legal professionals understand the ins and outs of each of these options and the criteria drugs must meet in order to file for these accelerated tracks, as well as how to compile that data and submit it for approval. This event provides hard ...

Powering up Utilities through Mobile and Social Media

Date: 23-Feb-15 to 24-Feb-15
Location: Canada
Historically, utilities are alleged to be classic, "late-adopters" of the new. The businesses are incented to be risk-averse by the regulations and regulators that control the industry. Yet, in today's digital age, customers expect from their utilities faster, more efficient customer service, as well as increased opportunities to reduce their energy bills. The combination of smart grid investments, social media and mobile apps have given utilities a host of new tools to shake their stodgy reputation and improve their customer engagement. These types of media are critical in reaching customers during power outages, as well as in providing energy saving tips, bill pay and other customer engagement services. Though many utilities are rapidly and successfully using social media ...

Coupon & Co-Pay Strategy, Tracking, and Compliance

Date: 23-Feb-15 to 24-Feb-15
Coupon and co-pay card rebate programs are facing unprecedented pressure. More patients than ever before now have access to health insurance, and the increasing retirements of Baby Boomers has swelled the ranks of those facing the Medicare Part D donut-hole. At the same time, drug discovery breakthroughs have found a cure for Hepatitis C, which had previously been a very common lifelong condition — but for a high up-front price. And just within the last year, major Pharmacy Benefit Managers have chosen to no longer accept industry-issued rebate cards for some of the more expensive therapeutics. ExL Events’ Coupon & Co-Pay Strategy, Tracking, and Compliance conference brings together all stakeholders in these challenges in order to simplify areas of confusion and ensure continued ...

11th National Health Summit

Date: 24-Feb-15 to 24-Feb-15
Location: Ireland
Topics at Health 2015: - Quality under pressure – Driving improvements in the quality of care and more cost-effective deployment of resources - New service models that shift care closer to home, patient focused teams keeping care in the community & embedding prevention into services - Community Healthcare Organisations: How will the new structure for local services operate? - Joined up care in action: Making integrated care a reality - The future of hospitals - The digital revolution in healthcare: Giving patients and carers more control of care - Redesigning Primary Care: Making healthcare fit for the future - Universal Health Coverage: How do we make it happen? Also, with the HSE introducing a balanced scorecard approach to performance management, we have invited ...