Conferences on August 14, 2015


Date: 12-Aug-15 to 14-Aug-15
Location: Orlando / Florida / United States
This unique international exhibition and conference will host three energy related events into one, allowing industry professionals from the Oil & Gas, Power and Mining sectors to meet, share knowledge and experience.OPM 2015 is the platform to create networking and business opportunities between Latin America and Asia. You’ll have unparalleled access to a variety of executives and analysts, gaining insight to their knowledge and insight on key industry issues and emerging trends.

TORONTO'2015 AES-ATEMA 25th International Conference (August 10 - 14, 2015)

Date: 10-Aug-15 to 14-Aug-15
Location: Toronto / Ontario / Canada
on "Advances and Trends in Engineering Materials and their Applications".

Ballet Summer Intensive 2015

Date: 27-Jul-15 to 14-Aug-15
Location: Canada
This comprehensive summer ballet program follows the Vaganova (Russian) syllabus and includes master classes by renowned international ballet stars and teachers. Last year, Andrei Krauchenka of the American Ballet Theatre and Irina Zavialova of the National Ballet School of Portugal (former prima ballerina of the Mariinsky Theatre, St. Petersburg, Russia) conducted master classes. Classes are taught as well by Ms. Victoria Mironova, founder of Victoria International Ballet Academy, formerly Russian ballerina, and contemporary dance classes are conducted by Nancy Greyeyes, a Canadian ballerina and contemporary dancer. The program includes stretching, classical ballet, repertoire, pas de deux, male class, and an end-of-program performance with all participants. We also offer our ...

Social Media Engagement in Tertiary Education

Date: 10-Aug-15 to 14-Aug-15
Location: Sydney / Australia
Strategies to engage staff & students With an increasingly competitive market, how can institutions create and implement an ongoing social media strategy which helps them engage with students? How can they differentiate themselves from other institutions, through great content, the utilisation of emerging platforms and through genuine engagement with prospective students? These are the questions that this masterclass will help you address. It will look at successful engagement, not just through the lens of how to engage students with your brand but how you get staff engaged in your social media journey. It will examine how you can break silos to have a more integrated social media strategy and get buy-in from the top to make social media a driving force for student recruitment ...

Finding more energy in Eight Easy Steps

Date: 14-Aug-15 to 14-Aug-15
Location: Norfolk / United Kingdom
Finding Yourself in Eight Easy Steps (when you never knew you were lost) Session 6 of 8 - Finding more energy in Eight Easy Steps Do you ever feel…  lost in the journey of life? lost for answers? you have lost control of your emotions? lost in a cloudy mind? lost in the chaos of the modern world? lost for energy? lost in a crowd? you've lost your off-button?   If this sounds like you then we can help you… find a road map for your journey find where to find the answers find clarity find the blue sky in your mind find order in the chaos find energy and enthusiasm find your place in the crowd find out how to recharge your batteries In this series of 8 Masterful Classes we will explore why each is important to your wellbeing, vitality, happiness and resilience. ...

Civil Treatment for Leaders Shepparton

Date: 13-Aug-15 to 14-Aug-15
Location: Australia
Is your workplace as civil, inclusive and productive as possible?  Make It Matter, Make It Simple, and Make It Stick®. MK&A are happy to announce that we are delivering our new program Civil Treatment for Leaders. Treatment® for Leaders (Civil Treatment for Leaders—CTL) provides your leaders with the skills and insights they need to achieve positive business results and engage employees in ways that inspire their best work. Rather than focusing on the law exclusively, Civil Treatment for Leaders focuses on a wide range of behaviours to offer a comprehensive learning solution based on realistic business simulations to spark new insights for your leaders in how “doing what we’ve always done” is affecting results in ways they may not have considered. With simple and sustainable ...

Shared Services and Outsourcing Week Philippines

Date: 11-Aug-15 to 14-Aug-15
Location: Manila / Philippines
To stay ahead of the BPO competition and to maximize your part in this growth, join us at the 6th Annual Shared Services & BPO Week Philippines Summit. Joining a line up of 20+ speakers and over 130+ delegates you will discover and take away practical techniques to apply and improve service delivery. Be prepared to outperform previous records by evaluating the latest initiatives impacting SSCs in the Philippines... Tackle the employee attrition rate once and for all and assess what new benefit technology and automation can bring to your operations. Key Themes for 2015 This exclusive event will provide delegates with: A. Best practices and insights on SSO – the only event in Manila purely focusing on SSO B. Innovative solutions on Robotic Process Automation, Lean Six Sigma, Data ...

Customer Experience Management (CEM) in Telecoms World Summit 2015

Date: 13-Aug-15 to 14-Aug-15
Location: Singapore / Singapore
Customer Experience Management (CEM) in Telecoms World Summit 2015 draws together highly-regarded expert speakers from across the ecosystems of telecommunications industry and CEM platform providers to present to you the latest key trends and approaches taken and practiced in Customer Excellence Management in Telecoms. The highlights of the summit will be Case Studies and Perspectives to be shared by telecoms operators on the benefits they have obtained from implemeting CEM and the key challenges they have encountered.

Lunch and Launch - When and How to Approach a VC for Investment

Date: 14-Aug-15 to 14-Aug-15
Location: Columbus / United States
Join NCT Venture's Michael Butler for lunch at The Columbus Idea Foundry for a session on how to position your company for venture capital investment and why you would consider taking an investment from a VC  The price of admission gets you in the door, your choice of boxed lunch from FreshBox, and a chance to meet and mingle with other entrepreneurs trying to get their business idea to the next step too.

act up's Summer Acting course.

Date: 11-Aug-15 to 14-Aug-15
Location: London / United Kingdom
It is run by two actors who will share exercises and techniques that they experience in their own professional careers. On the final day the group is joined by Gemma Lloyd the owner of act up who also casts and produces and works as an agent in the industry to advise on people’s career paths; either via drama school or ‘straight in’. The course will first remind you why you enjoy acting, developing your core skills and encouraging you to be yourself as much as possible. You’ll experience a bit of everything: voice development, confidence in performance, physicality, improvisation and text work. We could elaborate but it’s one of those courses you just have to jump into. Each course is different because we want to design the course around you; with the view that you will want to ...