Conferences on November 03, 2018

7th Congress of the European Academy of Paediatric Societies (EAPS 2018)

Date: 30-Oct-18 to 03-Nov-18
Location: Paris / France
Serving as a nexus for the wealth of knowledge provided by three leading paediatric societies, the 7th Congress of the European Academy of Paediatric Societies (EAPS 2018) promises to build on the reputation of previous highly successful meetings. Paediatric professionals from around the world will gain unparalleled access to the best scientific research programme. Firmly established yet dedicated to thinking outside the box, EAPS 2018 aims to engage the world’s best in a hearty exchange of experiences and expertise in research and clinical care. Europe's foremost paediatrics sub specialty societies EAP, ESPNIC and ESPR have dedicated their time and formidable talents into organizing an stellar educational/research forum that will celebrate outstanding science in all areas of paediatrics.​...


Date: 01-Nov-18 to 03-Nov-18
The 21st Buildexpo 2018 - International Trade Expo on Building & Construction Products, Equipment. & Machinery, is the largest trade event held annually in Tanzania. The exhibition attracts exhibitors from more than 30 countries and visitors from all over East & Central Africa, thus giving exhibitors an excellent opportunity to explore several countries in one time. Over the past few years, Tanzania has emerged as a major regional trade centre. This is mainly due to the very friendly and businesslike atmosphere it offers to foreign investors and products. Duties are considerably low and re-exports to neighboring countries are either very low or exempted. Come, be a part of progress in Africa!


Date: 01-Nov-18 to 03-Nov-18
The 3rd Minexpo Africa, Tanzania is the region's showcase of the latest technology in the mining & processing of minerals, earthmoving, safety equipment and much more.Tanzania's mining industry is expected to reach $1.28 billion in 2015 according to a study by Business Monitor International (BMI). The country is the 4th largest gold producer in Africa after South Africa, Ghana and Mali. Gold production currently stands at roughly 40 tonnes a year, copper at 2980 tonnes, silver at 10 tonnes and diamond at 112670 carats.


Date: 01-Nov-18 to 03-Nov-18
The AFRIWOOD EXPO 2018 will be held from the 01st to the 03rd of November, 2018 at Tanzania's prime international venue; the Diamond Jubilee Expo Centre in Dar-es-Salaam. Spread over a period of 3 days, the event brings together decision makers and influencers as well as technical experts and professionals from leading companies involved in wood machinery and tools, furniture machinery, materials & supplies, etc. within Africa and around the globe. Exhibiting at this event will allow you to showcase your products and services to the industry's largest gathering of qualified decision-makers.


Date: 01-Nov-18 to 03-Nov-18
The 04th Lightexpo 2018 - International Trade Expo on Residential, Commercial & Industrial Lighting & Accessory Products, Equipment & Machinery is the largest trade event held annually in Tanzania. The exhibition attracts exhibitors from more than 15 countries and visitors from all over East & Central Africa, thus giving exhibitors an excellent opportunity to explore several countries at one time.

4th Annual Mayo Clinic Dermatology Fall Conference

Date: 03-Nov-18 to 03-Nov-18
Now in its 4th year, the Mayo Clinic Fall Dermatology Conference will discuss comprehensive diagnosis and management of dermatomyositis. This course is designed to close the gap in knowledge and practice in dermatomyositis. The lectures will focus on the clinical and molecular features of dermatomyositis, diagnosis and monitoring of muscle disease, treatment of skin and muscle disease, and complications. Attendees are invited to bring patient questions regarding cases to discuss diagnosis, management and associated testing during the open forum panel. Online registration is available. Please visit the course website for a detailed agenda and to register.

4th Annual Frontiers in Upper Extremity Surgery

Date: 02-Nov-18 to 03-Nov-18
Location: Tampa / United States
Using a combination of didactic presentations and interactive debates, the expert faculty for this live CME activity will update you on treatment options and outcomes for a variety of both common and complex hand and upper extremity conditions. The first day of the meeting is devoted to a hands-on cadaver lab, where you will practice hand and wrist procedures that involve plating, internal bracing, and arthrodesis. Come to the meeting with the questions you need answered in order to enhance your practice – you’ll have plenty of opportunities to engage with the faculty. This course is open to Orthopaedic and plastic surgery hand surgeons, general orthopaedic surgeons, fellows, residents, physical therapists, occupational therapists, and other healthcare professionals whose scope of ...

Sara Baume: Devotions, Keepsakes and Talismans Exhibition

Date: 06-Oct-18 to 03-Nov-18
Location: United Kingdom
Keepsakes started several years ago with the artist’s collection of souvenir plates from places she had never been; the pattern-painted crockery which make up the installation is a response to her more recent experiences of banal travel. The clay and twig flowers which make up Devotions borrow from the wooden tulip, and the plaster house-like structures which form the focus of the installation Talismans are each a re-imagining of the iconic Irish cottage figurine. Though better known as a writer, Sara Baume synchronously makes sculptures in the spirit of amateur craft, appropriating certain of its materials and methodologies. She works always at home, in a rented house divided into miscellaneous workstations, and mostly at night, subsequent to the obligations of desk work. Her preference ...

How to get coverage for your brand?

Date: 03-Nov-18 to 03-Nov-18
Location: United Kingdom
We all know that a good public relations strategy and deployment is one of the most (cost) effective tools you can harness to attract new customers, greater awareness of your brand, generate more sales and provide the advantage over competitors. But, how do you go about it? This workshop will give you an intro into Public Relations, providing you with all the practical PR skills required to get your brand published in the media and make a real impact on your small business. Takeaways What PR is and why Identifying media to How to approach journalists How to write a press release (and when not to bother) How to become more Prereqs & Preparation Attendees who will benefit the most from this workshop will already have a running business. No prior ...

Dear Influencer, here’s how to work with PR’s

Date: 03-Nov-18 to 03-Nov-18
Location: United Kingdom
If you’ve worked hard to build up an engaged audience online through blogging, email marketing, vlogging or podcasting, now is the time to think about how to get to the next level, work with PR’s, brands and monetise your blog. In Dear Influencer we discuss How to Work with PR’s, connect with your favourite brands, what brands want, need, how to approach them, how to promote your blog effectively in order to drive sales and of course how to make money through affiliate partnerships and links. THIS TALK *IS* A GOOD FIT FOR YOU IF: • You're fashion, lifestyle, beauty, events blogger in the first few years of your blogging or business journey. • You're aching to meet and hear from publicists on what makes a good working relationship. • You have a lot of questions about blog monetisation ...