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MENA Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Congress

Date: 27-Nov-18 to 29-Nov-18
Location: Jeddah / Saudi Arabia
Many governments in the region have started encouraging more investments in the local pharmaceutical manufacturing, either through building new pharmaceutical industrial areas, or through attracting more foreign direct investment. Some of the biggest European and American Pharmaceutical companies have ongoing projects establishing new pharmaceutical plants in the MENA region, including Saudi Arabia which is expected to be the leading pharma manufacturing hub in the region. That’s why the The MENA Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Congress will set a unique platform by gathering the pioneers from the local and international pharmaceutical companies; CEOs, plant managers, production managers, supply chain managers, quality assurance managers, regulators affairs managers, and engineers. In ...

The Arab International Pharmacy Congress

Date: 27-Nov-18 to 29-Nov-18
Location: Riyadh / Saudi Arabia
Arab International Pharmacy Congress which will take place from 27 to 29 November 2018, in Riyadh, KSA, is designed to be one of the biggest pharmacy conferences which will provide pharmacist attendees the chance to meet, review and share knowledge with local, regional and international experts. Arab International Pharmacy Congress includes nearly every advances in knowledge, innovation, technology and practice, and has an objective of creating an international platform for policy makers, academics, pharmaceutical experts and regulators to discuss the most pressing issues related to pharmacy. By participating at Arab International Pharmacy Congress you will witness the growing industry and will give your career and business access to new opportunities and up-to-date knowledge from ...

The International Cold Chain Management Congress

Date: 26-Feb-19 to 28-Feb-19
Location: Riyadh / Saudi Arabia
With today’s complex global supply chain where products transported from distant origin to destination passing through different points along with the increased pressure from regulators to ensure quality and safety of products; it is mandatory for pharmaceutical, drug distributors and pharmacists to understand the best practices for distribution, packaging, security and storage of temperature sensitive products to cope with the numerous challenges that they face. This is especially important to Saudi Arabia as most temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals are imported and because the kingdom is very big, and medicines are transported to several remote areas within the kingdom, also in recent years the kingdom started exporting temperature sensitive products to a lot of neighboring countries ...