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The 2nd APS 5-6 High Performance & Leadership Conference 2017

Date: 20-Nov-17 to 24-Nov-17
Location: Canberra / Australia
The Public Sector is known for developing and promoting strong, intuitive and resilient leaders. These leaders come in many forms and have diverse backgrounds built on skills, learning and experience. Built off the success of our first event, Liquid Learning is delighted to present the 2nd APS 5-6 High Performance & Leadership Conference 2017. Throughout this event, emerging leaders in the APS 5-6 roles from across the Public Sector will gain the insight and knowledge required to progress into a leadership role. This conference will bring together existing leaders who have successfully traversed their way through the Public Sector. Throughout the two days, attendees will see what it takes to thrive in a leadership role and how to position themselves for promotion. The ultimate goal ...

GSTF CCS - 5th Annual Contemporary Cultural Studies Conference

Date: 27-Nov-17 to 28-Nov-17
Location: Singapore / Singapore
Cultural Studies is a diverse academic discipline encompassing many different approaches, methods and academic perspectives. It focuses on political dynamics of contemporary culture and its historical foundations, conflicts and defining traits, cultural studies. The Annual International Conference on Contemporary Cultural Studies (CCS) aims to understand how meaning is generated, disseminated, and produced from the social, political and economic spheres within a given culture. CCS will tackle historical culture and how it affects the modern society.

18th Annual Military Airlift and Air-to-Air Refuelling

Date: 28-Nov-17 to 29-Nov-17
Location: Madrid / Spain
This year’s highly anticipated event returns to further explore national approaches to maximising airlift and aerial refuelling capabilities through new technologies and platforms. With nation’s increasingly pooling airlift and air-to-air refuelling assets together to ensure a viable capability remains during times of peace and war, a key focus of 2017 will be the importance of rapid response capabilities. The agenda will also cover the challenge of meeting demands to modernize existing platforms, as well as acquire new capabilities - utilizing cost effective strategies and training. There will also be fantastic opportunities to meet new and old contacts, at 2 networking receptions hosted by Airbus and Boeing, as well as a post-conference site visit to Getafe Air Base. Key topics ...

Advancing Public Sector Data Analytics

Date: 28-Nov-17 to 29-Nov-17
Location: Sydney / Australia
The public sector has moved beyond using data to illustrate what we know today we are leveraging analytics to inform the future. Join the next stage in the government data conversation and learn how to boost analytics capability to support process optimisation, discover new insights and drive transformation within an increasingly digitised government. In a time where data is reshaping the way the public and private sector do business, the Advancing Public Sector Data Analytics conference will highlight innovative case-studies from senior data analysts and thought leaders across the Australian government. Attend & learn strategies for: - Communicating the value of data & aligning this with organisational strategy - Boosting analytics capability to unlock new insights - ...

Planning, Funding & Delivering Community Infrastructure

Date: 29-Nov-17 to 30-Nov-17
Location: Melbourne / Australia
Australia’s population is changing rapidly, with city councils and regional growth areas facing enormous population expansions, whilst the demographics are changing dramatically with certain local electorates creating pockets of young and old people who have specific infrastructure and service needs. Local councils need to be planning for the infrastructure their future population needs. The Planning, Funding & Delivering Community Infrastructure conference will explore progressive case studies from across the country that promote the design and delivery of integrated community infrastructure. This conference will focus on: - How to identify & secure funding - Improving gap analysis to determine projects - Improving facility partnerships & community outcomes Agenda ...

7th annual Social Media in the Defence & Military Sector

Date: 06-Dec-17 to 07-Dec-17
Location: London / United Kingdom
Social Media Within the Defence and Miltary Sector 2017 will bring together a global audience of senior defence, military & industry experts to discuss how social media is being increasingly intertwined within operations. Key themes will be explored from raising innovative campaigns that showcase the latest solutions and products in the market; lessons on educating soldiers and raising awareness of institutional issues; strategies for recruitment campaigns; and utilising digital communications as an overall new front in warfare. As well as tackling the importance of messaging, the event will have a dedicated focus on the considerations of social media strategies and cybersecurity. HIGHLIGHTS: * New speakers and presentations from new nations including Austria, Israel and ...

Maritime Information Warfare 2017

Date: 06-Dec-17 to 07-Dec-17
Location: London / United Kingdom
Maritime Information Warfare will focus on the growing need for navies to develop their information exploitation capabilities. As navies must now achieve strategic superiority in both conventional and asymmetrical conflict environments, knowledge is the new ‘king of the battlefield’. The utilisation of real-time data is key to ensuring mission success - whether operating in asymmetrical or more conventional environments. The conference will look at the platforms used for data collection; ranging from open source data collection to more traditional ISR systems, and the ways in which that data is examined through big data analytics, ultimately to consider how this effects decision making in the field. It also captures the current movement within the naval domain – running off the back ...

Local Government Asset Management

Date: 06-Dec-17 to 07-Dec-17
Location: Sydney / Australia
Asset management is becoming an increasingly key component of long-term financial sustainability as councils face mounting pressure to accomplish more with less resources. Increases in technological capability provides the potential for sophisticated planning and management of the huge array of council owned assets. As councils move toward optimised lifecycle asset management, balancing cost, risk and levels of performance is often an extremely complicated process. This conference is looking to bring together industry experts to collaborate and share innovation. Attend the Local Government Asset Management conference to hear insight on key issues including: - Forecasting expenditure across asset lifecycles - Service delivery planning and optimisation - Integration of people, ...

3rd Maritime Reconnaissance and Surveillance Technology

Date: 30-Jan-18 to 31-Jan-18
Location: Rome / Italy
Over the past few years, maritime intelligence gathering and ISR capabilities have returned to the forefront of the defence industry. National maritime agencies are increasingly seeking to optimise their fleets and capabilities to address the challenges arriving from the surrounding seas. This can be illustrated in the multilateral coalition operation to address the migration crisis in the Mediterranean or with the Nordic response to climate change and the receding ice cap. In an attempt to provide solutions to these challenges, Maritime Reconnaissance and Surveillance Technology will cover a wide range of topics such as unmanned maritime system technology, intelligence gathering, C4ISR, AIS system technology, interoperability and system integration, and space-based surveillance. What ...

Network Centric Warfare 2018

Date: 01-Feb-18 to 02-Feb-18
Location: Rome / Italy
As militaries continue to operate in increasingly complex and asymmetrical environments, effective communications and system interoperability has become more critical to ensure forces remain agile and versatile. Network Centric Warfare 2018 will provide a platform to address challenges and issues surrounding the demand for modernisation and digitisation of information, the growing need for interoperability within communication systems, and procurement for technological advancements of military assets. In addition, the event will provide updates to the network-centric programs, including the UK’s BATCIS-MORPHEUS and Italy’s FORZA NEC. With aims of providing delegates with the latest updates and insights on this significant topic, this year's event will showcase: • A dedicated ...