Trade Shows & Conferences in Cambridge,United Kingdom

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Bacteriophage Therapy Summit

Date: 26-Mar-19 to 27-Mar-19
Location: Cambridge / United States
Welcome to the 1st Bacteriophage Therapy The Only Industry-Focussed Forum Dedicated to Facilitating the Discovery, Translation & Acceleration of Bacteriophage Research into Targeted Therapeutics with Clinically Significant With increased demand for solutions against antimicrobial resistance, phage therapy has re-emerged as a viable option to help tackle this global public health problem. A deepened understanding of the fundamental mechanisms of action has facilitated phage therapy product development. However, significant challenges remain in navigating an untested regulatory pathway, formulating phage therapies that ensure clinical efficacy, and implementing infrastructures that will enable delivery of these products to the right patients at the right time. The ...

Polymorphism and Crystallization Conference

Date: 08-Apr-19 to 09-Apr-19
Location: Cambridge / United States
The reproducible production of organic crystals in the correct form (habit, solvate, polymorph) and particle size is a source of much heart-ache to chemists, engineers, pharmacists and formulators. Although production of new polymorphs and solvates can be a source of profit for companies through extension of the patent lifetime, the inability to manufacture a consistent crystalline form often leads to costly project delays, particularly in chemical development. This conference will focus on these issues from the viewpoint of the process chemist and chemical engineer; i.e. on chemical development issues which impact the ability to routinely manufacture the chosen crystalline form, whether this be the most stable or a metastable crystal. Case studies from different companies will show how ...